Gravitas Plus: The Belt & Road initiative

Gravitas Plus: The Belt & Road initiative

#GravitasPlus with Palki Sharma Upadhyay | 3 continents, 6 corridors & 65% of global population. China’s most ambitious infrastructure project is actually a plan to dominate the world. But the Belt & Road Initiative is now facing too many roadblocks. Is Xi Jinping’s dream fading?

#China #BeltAndRoadInitiative

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  1. Can we do anything to stop Faroe Islands and Japan in there blood bath in Ocean every single year!!! Stop killing dolphing and wales !!!Please ppl unite and act!||!!

  2. Australia has been bullied financially by China for simply demanding a transparent report on the origin of Covid. They dominate rather than cooperate!

  3. wake up and smell the schit you shoveling, China will be owning the world if not already, they always go for the poorer countries and srew them up then go after the rest. Maybe it's already too late.

  4. This is so informative, I had been uncovering just a snapshot of China's involvement in Africa, and Syria but now with just the term Silk Road, I'm revisiting articles and history books about ancient commerce development and I now wish I could fly away because the world's nations truly are creating explosive entanglements even as we can only talk about being civilized without having tongue in cheek. As the CCP crushes the believer in Christ, it rushes head first (with its 200 million troop military) into the last book of the scripture as if to change the conclusion. Look up for our redemption draws ever nearer. Rapture to the Kingdom without end to return after the next 7 yrs to show how the only wise God reigns over the earth with righteousness.

  5. all i hear is a visionary country doing a world-wide project, benefiting countries along BRI. not many powerhouse on the planet has that kind of capability/strength/wish/vision/intl relationships to launch something that big. its not other countries dun want to , its they CANT. China, on other hand, CAN. period. many asian other countries are still struggling building a tiny toy train between their cities…

  6. The lies and hypocrisy from this women are staggering. India is the one who wants to dominate Asia, by force. What are Jammu and Kashmir if not by force? China's plan is to interconnect all peoples, to be free of their handlers, finally. India is invited to join the initiative, but refuses. Why? India wants to dominate. Now, India has accepted 'a hand' from the USA, an even greater imperialistic power than the UK was. India suffered for 200 years, and now Modi is steering India into yet another master-slave scenario. To align with the US is to be aligned with the greatest war monger in history. If a war ever ensues, India will be expected to commit a million soldiers to be slaughtered against a nuclear power. This is beyond stupidity.

  7. The world need peace & support each others not the others way around and you know how is behind all these, the western world.
    If they behave like those (envyness & the legacy of imprealist mind) the world will not be in total peace since peace and war are in their hand not others.
    India was looted 45 triliun by Bratain remember!!!
    So you see the problem is in the western world not others, the world is in their hand not others.
    Asia (China, India, Jepang, Korea, Indonesia and others) need to stand together more then ever to bring peace and prosperity to the world.
    If Asia against China, that what the western world purpose, to brake a part this SuperBlock, if Asia united this will be the last thing and the nightmare the western world would not face so they try super hard to do it.
    This is the world picture hope all Asia countries aware.

  8. China had probably planned to release the Coronavirus in a few more years on all the countries who they had the Belt and Road Initiative with, destroy their economies so they couldn't repay their payments on time and then China would have everyone by the balls… literally OWN US ALL. Thankfully, someone tripped up with a tray of Coronavirus and leaked it early, ruining the timeline for their dastardly plans, poisoning themselves and damaging their own economy in the process. Hence why they made the best use of the virus they could and let it get out the world via Wuhan airports, knowing it was highly contagious and airborne. If you think this is crazy, we're talking about people who are forcing Australia into economic hardship for asking for transparency on the virus origin, run concentration camps and live organ harvesting on spiritual dissidents, tamper with foreign elections and have spies in our universities.

  9. Now this is what I call real NEWS,China must be choked off like a serpent. These countries are selling there soul ,they must refuse the CPP. China is moving fast,this would never happen with Trump in power. God bless India.

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