What Lindsey Graham Did During US Capitol Siege

What Lindsey Graham Did During US Capitol Siege

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Senator Lindsey Graham screamed at Capitol Police during the US Capitol siege. Ana Kasparian and Benjamin Dixon discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member: http://tyt.com/join

Read more HERE: https://www.businessinsider.com/lindsey-graham-shouted-at-cop-during-capitol-riot-sherrod-brown-2021-1

“Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told off an officer while members of Congress sheltered during last week’s Capitol riot, according to his Democratic colleague Sen. Sherrod Brown.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Benjamin Dixon

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Benjamin Dixon


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  1. While i was in line at the store, a woman in front of me, was speaking loudly, saying she should have listened to her 3 kids about Trump. And further said if terrorist. Killed the entire Republican party. She would be so happy terrorist killed the republican party.

    After like 5 minutes you can hear people say how bad it is to be in support of terrorist for getting rid of a corrput political party

  2. Just like Jim Jones's followers, Pence knew a mob was going to be at the Capitol to, "get him" and he was more than willing to lay his life and the life of his family down to prove his loyalty to Trump. If Trump told Pence, Cruz, Lindsay Graham, Hawley, Rubio, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham to kill a member of their own family to prove their loyalty, they would do it in a New York minute. Of course, they would slaughter their grandbabies first because that's what sewer rats do

  3. Trump suckered the discontented to use them to do his dirty work, and threw them under the bus. He lied to them for months to gin up their insatiable anger, and orchestrated their viciousness for his deranged benefit. A cheap manipulation trick, and spent millions to accomplish it. He did it to our country and would do it again.

  4. Trump is such a worthless human who has done nothing for this country except to divide it… cheated the US citizens at every turn. and even after the US Senate sided by him… he does not care about the US Senate or any of us… only about himself! What a worthless bunch of Republican Senators we have but maybe we can show them what we… the Americans want… need… expect from them and will show them at the upcoming elections! They are scared of the Trump's reaction but what about the US voter's reaction?

  5. They should have pushed Lindsey out to the rioters and have him tell them as a fellow Trumpster he thought they should behave and follow him to the nearest …Lindsey could have taken action and yelled out My people we need to calm down, this is no way to support a democracy. I'm sure they would have been happy to oblige. Maybe it was difficult to move with that broad yellow streak on his back.

  6. Light on what senators were going through as insurrectionist had reached the capital and threatened members of Congress now Lindsey Graham is someone who is an able Donald from Lindsey Graham is someone who is covered for Donald Trump because in his own words so what was Lindsey Graham up to what was going on as the senators are in a secure location Sharon Brown to explain anyone but there was a lot more done for members of Congress versus everyone else awful situation I mean we saw images and video of some capital police taking selfie's with these insurrectionists and I bring that up because it is important to you know the and make sure that we don't have people who sympathize with right now extremist working in that position that's meant to keep people safe spoke to women for Graham confirmed a Browns account by the way it's at the senators shouted at the Senate sergeant at errands are in the Senate Graham made his feelings known directly to him and what do you make of this but I am curious what you think about grams reaction to this he ate it in a bit of this like the entire time it is until Graham to yelling there are a lot of arm any level federal or local or not does not take away their a political they are always there Cassidy whether or not they have yeah no I mean absolutely and a right now the military is crackling with something that I'm sure they've known but now they have to at least give you doing something about it and it's me infiltration of a white nationalist and white supremacists are sympathetic to what happened in the capital last week with reaching the building and threatening bakers lives enough to overturn the results of a democratic process but I am I'm not shocked that senator Graham was Schuck Congress reconvened that was when he gave this in passion speech about you no the election is over Joe Biden has one is talking about it I'm in such a way that you would think if that was the first speech you seen grab you would think that he was on the right side the entire time right and people were giving him credit for that speech he doesn't deserve credit remember Lindsey Graham is the one Plus $500,000 of his own money trumps legal battles court battles where legend his lawyer evidence to your appointment Lindsey Graham had enable these lies and deception all throughout and for him to now shocked at what he's going through makers are going through it's just ridiculous and pathetic absolutely

  7. Capitol Police were outnumbered 300 to one. Better to placate the bastard insurrectionists with a selfie than be beaten to death or tazed into a heart attack. The ones who need to be investigated are the Republicans who funded this riot.
    Edit to correct spellchecker interference

  8. If you won't look at the evidence of Voter Fraud, and it was MASSIVE, then like Barr you can say "I haven't seen any. If you really think there was none, you've got your head in the sand or worse.

  9. All Republicans involved with the attack on the capital Jan 6th should be kicked out of office, they hinder the progress for healing of the country. Racism has always been a part of American history. The distorted lies told has crippled this country and the Republicans' that support white Supremacy should seek another occupation. If they not willing to serve all citizens.

  10. Graham is too faces he need to be fired be out like Trump they make good team they lies and kiss one another Butt Trump not the President anymore and think hes is Biden the President not him he need to be off Twitter or a cell phone hes not no one any more to American's

  11. Sen Brown is genuine, dedicated and hard working! Here is SC, we worked very hard to send Jaime Harrison to DC, and send Lindsey home. Harrison ran a great campaign and did amazingly well. Now, with Graham's calls to attempt to interfere with the election in Georgia, I do have to wonder if Jaime did actually win…Time will tell. Graham never serves the People, upholds the Constitution or the office he occupies.

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