China-India border dispute dates back to the British Empire era

China-India border dispute dates back to the British Empire era

Resentment towards China grows in India following deadly skirmish over a contested Himalayan border region

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  1. It's too late genuinely resolve the mistake left behind by Brit. Only solution is support the independent of the Eastern Territory becoming a new nation, as well as Sikkim & Kashmir.

  2. Former colonial powers just declared that a particular area or territory belonged to one side or the other or create their own map. Then l, after they left these countries, are trying to deal with these territorial disputes.

  3. I'm afraid that with the ccp we've facing a biggest threat than the nazi back in ww2. Taiwan and India needs to join NATO as soon as possible. The expansion of NATO outside of Europe will be the cornerstone of world peace.

  4. It's the fu cking Britn that was never good for anyone but messes left for the world to solve and clean up its messes. What a useless evil queen.
    It's inida fault to keep taking lands from its neighbors and creating conflicts in the region. It's time for inida to give the lands that never belong to inida, and stop using the wrong map created by its master.

  5. Lots of love to RUSSIA from India.
    We will be happy if Russia stay neutral on this matter. We don't want our old best friend to get involved in this war. Russia already have a lot to deal with. Peace

  6. World would come together against China bcoz it is a severe threat to the world which has started biological war against the world by spreading Coronavirus which has killed millions of people & paralyzed the world economy which into deep economic recession ever only nation which has not effected economically which is China.. Now it is trying to bully neighbour's trying occupying their lands so creating problems.. world should come together & fight against this evil CHINA..

  7. the boundary claimed by China is the legal boundary between China and British India colony. In history British invaded China several times, they forced China signed contract to give up the ownership of land to the India colony, As long as China signed the contract China accept it(in 19 century China twice gave up land,s to India colony). But in 20th century British just military occupied some new land which China never sign contract to give them up, India should not regard them as a part of India. Besides some these land British even did not occupied just claimed ownership one side. India already occupied a lot of China,s land which in law aspect still belong to China, while they want to occupied all the land that British claimed ownership.

  8. India has never been an independent country until British left~~ India history=history of being conquered for thousands of years. Conquerors: iranian(Persian),turkish, Chinese(general Wang xuan ce, legend of one man conquering one country of northern indian kingdom),Mongolian,British. The only time Indian fought back which was lead by an old man in a white cloth named Mahatma Gandhi. Good job, Indians trolls, you can always win on internet.

  9. Sorry but it was Tibet not part of China . It's geologically sensitive area . I want to why Russia gave S400 to China . Why Putin sir is not taking s400 back from China. China is using it to capture ladakh from India. Russia is now backstabbing India.

  10. Is Russia refraining from choosing India as ally as it had not delivered s400 even after advance payment by India. Why??
    If Russia is with India it had to come forward now before it's too late .

  11. 3:15 not exactly correct.
    It also contained Burma which became its own country.
    Also, it didn't just become India and Pakistan. Several princely states remained independent but got annexed by India later (like Kashmir)

  12. British kept the problems to exist so that countries fight each other while the British and its Western brothers can intervene and rule . Look into: 1. British sold the lands of Palestine to Lord Rothschild for Jews settlement and Jews Israeli state 2. British made the same problems over KASHMIR. 3.British colonial regime kept the problem whether RAKHAINE State should be with Bangladesh or Myanmar or independent state. 5. There are also issues in the African including Arabs where British ruled

  13. Fun Fact : Chinese Troll accounts have to delete their account otherwise they will be in big trouble if CCP finds them linked to certain words. So next time you see a Chinese Troll, Type just these 2 words (English Chinese) and they are screwed :

    Tienanmen Square Massacre

  14. Nepal gets a half of its area from British India to suppress the Indian independene movement as a gift, after independence we don't objected about even if most of the people of that area feel more Indian then Nepali whenever if we do referendum there they will chose India now Nepal wanted more area that's not going to happen, India and china fight in 1962 and china win and occupied a lots of Indian territory why they not occupied now claiming area because they started claiming new area again it's nothing new from China to destroy their nation map and claimimg other nations territory ,thay claim almost sea to China near,even they claimed so many small nation as a historical rights like Mongolia, Taiwan, kazasthan etc

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