What Tech Companies Are Adopting Cryptocurrencies?

What Tech Companies Are Adopting Cryptocurrencies?

In the twelve years or so since it was mysteriously created by a shadowy coder or coders, cryptocurrency has come an extraordinarily long way. At first no more than a fanciful experiment, an online wheeze traded between nerds and true believers, Bitcoin and its likenesses are now a headline-grabbing phenomenon poised to upend the stodgy world of mainstream finance forever. And all the big tech firms are watching closely, weighing up just what this crypto revolution means for them.

But there are major questions to address. Should this supposedly free, democratised system be exploited by plutocrats like Elon Musk? Aren’t revolutions ideally meant to favour the little guy? Join us today as we crunch the numbers and learn how, and why, the big tech companies are adopting cryptocurrencies.

Facebook was arguably the first high-profile tech giant to throw its hat in the crypto ring, with its so-called Libra initiative launched in 2019. With trademark Silicon Valley earnestness and aplomb, project leader David Marcus announced his lofty aims at the time as nothing short of “Freedom, Justice… and money”.


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Are Tech Companies Adopting Cryptocurrencies?


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  1. Bitcoin is the future ,investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise
    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment. It's no surprise a secure global and digital currency has claimed the interest of investors. It's open to everyone and provide an exciting opportunity to delve into an entirely new asset class.

  2. i think all companies specially those who made negative revenue and profits like nikola and wework cause they can categorize their bitcoin income into other revenue besides their company's main business model it will make them more room to grow because of their bitcoin income and the investment of the investors who will buy into their stocks or bonds

  3. If Bitcoin can be created just like any other currency. What's the value in it? When people can't afford Bitcoin, someone else would just invent Pitcoin or Sitcoin or whatever. The major problem with any modern currency is about liquidity and purchase power. As long as other major international trade recipients(Like China, Russia, EU..) don't accept Bitcoin, it is nothing more of another USD in making just in digital.

  4. If cryptocurrencies are regulated like regular currencies there should not be any problems. Moreover, competition between multiple cryptocurrencies is always beneficial to the end-user. I think there are many countries in this world that don't have proper financial systems and there are many counties where black money and fake currency rules. Due to this inflation is rampant and the buying power for those currencies dwindles with time, ultimately the middle class and poor are suffering, and is getting hard for them to move up the economic ladder.

  5. Bitcoin, and most crypto’s, are not corporate at all. They’re a third alternative command structure to corporate or government run business. Forget the part about just being used as money, decentralized business is going to take over everything.

  6. All digital coin should pay 5 to 10 gov workers each to make sure their coin and others are doing the right thing. Then anyone can build a coin. Some shires might even sell them (thus banking on suburb house wealth increases) to get ahead then accept them later as annual rate help. Millions of uses