10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs in 10 Minutes a Day

10 Exercises to Tone Your Thighs in 10 Minutes a Day

Is it a myth that to get slim and shaped thighs, you need to spend hours in the gym? Many women (and, in all honesty, even some guys) work hard to get the perfect thigh gap. That said, there is no reason to go overboard. You can get the same results by doing a set of exercises that takes just 10 minutes a day. If recently you’ve been thinking about nothing else but a lovely thigh gap, this video is for you!

But hey, remember that if you don’t want your thighs to bulk up, you should do these exercises in moderation and avoid eating a lot of protein before your workout.

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Wide Stance Squats 0:22
Pilates Leg Lifts 1:09
Bridge Raises 1:56
Butterfly Stretches 2:43
Lateral Lunges 3:30
Star Jumps 4:07
Scissor Kicks 4:46
Cross-Stepping 5:17
Stability Ball Squeeze 5:53
Chair Squats 6:43

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

– #1. The first exercise of this workout will help you to work your hamstrings and quads. On top of that, it will strengthen your hip muscles, glutes, lower back, abs, and core muscles.
– #2. This exercise targets your thighs, glutes, obliques, and abdominal muscles. It involves your inner thigh muscles and, thus, leads to the appearance of a thigh gap. On top of that, when you do it, you automatically pull your abs in and up, which makes them more defined and also improves your balance.
– #3. Thanks to this exercise, your glutes, thighs, and abs will get more toned and defined. Plus, you’ll greatly improve your posture and strengthen your core, which, in turn, will help you to get rid of lower-back pain.
– #4. If you thought that stretching couldn’t help you to get a thigh gap, think again! Butterfly stretches not only open up your thigh and hip muscles and improve flexibility, but also loosen and lengthen the inner thigh muscles.
– #5. Lateral lunges target your inner as well as outer thighs. As a result, you work on your thigh gap and simultaneously reduce outer thigh “saddlebags.”
– #6. An exercise as simple as jumping up and down can actually make a world of difference to your thighs! This movement also gets your heart rate up and is great for the whole body toning thing.
– #7. Scissor kicks not only shape and tone your thighs but also do wonders for your abs!
– #8. If your ultimate goal is beautiful thighs, the only correct answer is walking, or even running, up the stairs. This can also be a perfect warming-up exercise before your workout.
– #9. The stability ball squeeze is an effective exercise that targets your thighs directly. On top of that, if you do this exercise while lying down, it works your abs, glutes, and core muscles.
– #10. For this exercise, you can actually use a chair or pretend that there is an invisible chair behind your back. Whatever you choose, chair squats will make your lower body stronger.

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  1. Is First and last exercise same ?
    How shud be the ideal thighs …shall there be any gap or not ? & If there shud !! Then how much gap … And yess I HV thin body type … M 41kg &5'5 feet … It won't make more thinner no ? Pliz answer m following it regularly

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