10 Things Americans Didn't Know About America

10 Things Americans Didn't Know About America

Here are 10 things about America you probably didn’t know.

Cigarette source: http://www.examiner.com/article/it-s-legal-for-kids-to-smoke-cigarettes-they-just-can-t-buy-them

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About America


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  1. okay…i live in america but im not actually american,im russian but i find it weird how this whole video turned from "10 facts about america" to "americans are fat" real quick.Let me start my powerpoint presentation of how this video is in fact a hoe(x)sorry if there is any misspells i didnt spell check this .-.

    of course the video kicks off with "one in eight americans work in mcdonalds" its the qoverments fault that they are replacing salad bars with fast food restruants so americans have no choice into working at mcdonalds because thousands are losing there jobs in america just so they could be forced to have forieghn workers work for them. its not the populations fault that they are being fired just so someone to take there place. And plus its been a pain in the arse to get a job in america due to there being so many citezins living here.during the 1920s there were already 100,000,000 people here. And starting in 2014 we now sky rocketed to about 318,900,000 of population on our handa and not much americans have a choice but to work at mcdonalds because thats all thats left to work with.

    i know some of these are true but everybody has there own diet and not every single person in this country eats as much as 32 kenyans,you probably have never heard of this but maybe,just maybe there are thousands of amaricans who actually eat healthy,and are on balanced diets.there are alot of obese,scratch that,OVER WIEGHT citezins of america but have you seen the millions of beautiful girls and handsome men of this country and i mean its outragouse. and youre comparing them to starving kenyans scraping for food and you guys are acting like kenyens are so much healthier then americans well probably they just so happen to rarely even have the chance to eat so how about instead of sitting there watching 1 minute and 39 seconds of lies you could be out and actually donating to hungry and starving familes instead.

    now the thing about people being outnumbered by cows in montana 3 to 1 and the fact of america not having there own lanquage is totally exeptible,it is surprising how thats true and there should be more facts like that on this list because other then that all this other information is bull sh!t.

    hold on i need a 5min break

    okay so back on the topic 1 out of 3 americans are obese so kicking it off with that obese is an incorrect term as what it should really be is overweight. and everbody thinks that ameicans are fat and ugly but actually people in this country are quite beautiful.if you google imagis of "americans" you can see that they are beautiful and great people but you wanna know the best part, they have spirit in there country and that doesnt matter on what is on the outside and that its what the inside that counts.because thats what america is all about.

    and its not legal for teenagers to smoke its just that people ont he steets dont sto it. so thats why they cant even purchase it in the first place. they steal cigrettes eather from the ground or get them off the curb or from drug dealers because teenagers these days are irresponsible. and actually were doing all they can and doing a good job of avoiding drugs now because the ugly truth commercials keep it out there that it is not good for an underaged teenager to smoke thas why the percentage of teenagers smoking dropped to 8%.of course we cant have everybody stop smoking overnight but its true.

    the 6th place of causing death in america are medical errors,okay i get that im supposed to defend america but its NOT correct.its bad but its actually third to cause death next to heart desease and cancer. its not the best and its the down side but your information was still incorrect and you shouldve read correctly.

    27% of americans dont believe in the moon landing,well, let me clear it up
    1)some people think its not true because the flag is waving but how can it do that if there is no atmosphere on the moon?well its not waving its swinging because it was hard to push it down in the lunar surface so they couldnt push it down hard enough letting it hang loose.
    2)if there are no atmosphere on the moon how can you not see the stars?the camera quality was stupid they used a medium-format Hasselblad 500 EL with no hd feature k
    3)there shouldnt be shadows on the moon so why is there?the light from the sun reflects on the regolith and due to the surface to be reflective it bounces back up in the shadows,not "artificial lighting"
    4)the shadows were uneven,no the terrian is uneven
    i can give 4 other reasons but ill stop here google the rest.i think i made my point


    okay……….about the whole "10 acres of pizza"i cant argue with that pizza is deliciouse and it feeds the human soul.

    instead of the shit you should type up "10 reasons why americans are losing there freedom"

    1)our american liberties end at the workplace door
    2)were losing our "right to life" from birth to old age
    3)weve lost autonomy over our own bodies
    4)were losing the ability to rise up from poverty,eran a decent living,or work in a career of our choice
    5)we no longer have any personal time
    6)we cant negotiate as free people with banks or cooperations
    7)were losing the right to move or travel where we want
    8)weve lost our right to privacy
    9)were losing our right to participate in society as informed citizens
    10)were losing the right to representative democracies

    over all,RESPECT MERICA'

  2. America Most certainty does have an official language , back the last time Quebec was having a referendum on whether or not to separate from Federation some American politicians realized America had No official language So they reconvened Congress and voted to make English The official language with only one dissenting vote . . .Irony at its finest . . .

  3. you know something I don't get America get so much shit but when shit goes down were expected to do something about it I say fuck it and go back to not helping anyone

  4. 5 things americans dont know about america
    1. who made liberity statue
    2. how america got freedom
    3. what is healthy food
    4. why everyone thinks why america is so weird
    5.what is Nokia or Samsung
    (Extra) where angry birds is from

  5. There's no way the McDonald's thing is correct. I don't know a single person that has worked at McDonald's. Maybe if you said fast food but not just McDonald's. Even then I wouldn't believe it.

  6. another thing about America we typically speak one or two languages but English is first…but depending what state you are in we all have a diff accent .or slang..southern ..northern..east coast west coast we all seem to have an accent

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