25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History

25 Incredibly Disturbing Science Experiments In History

Creepy science experiments come in all shapes and sizes. Some psychological experiments are creepy because they tell us something disturbing about …


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  1. 18 they were not told by the government that they would get free healthcare for life because they had syphilis the government injected them with syphilis and once everything came out then the government gave them free healthcare for life as well as their spouses come on man just too big of a channel to be spreading false bullshit

  2. Horribly disturbing!

    Also, the ‘bystander’ and ‘authority’ experiments would be interesting with autistic people. Would we still be as effected by the social expectations? In my anecdotal experience nope.

    Sometimes I am glad ethics are tighter. But also sad that cruelty still exists inside and outside labs.

  3. MK-ULTRA used prostitutes to ADMINISTER the drugs. They didn't give the drugs to the prostitutes. The major drug used was high doses of LSD.
    Not letting someone know they are about to go on a trip is evil.

  4. Idk that most of the stuff like number 1 would work on me. Im not better than anyone else, I just have a very healthy disrespect for authority. "Shock that dude til he dies." Nope. Fuck you dude. No way!

  5. MK Ultra was so much more than giving LSD to prostitutes. LSD was just one aspect and given to more than just prostitutes. There was also electric impulses directly into the brain, sensory deprivation and more. People to this day still suffer from MK Ultra. Thanks to the C eye A

  6. Well the "Canadian Project" has worked. French people actually can run a Country and run an actual Military. Whether Canada surrenders during an invasion is still up in the air though.

  7. I would like to catch a person in a relationship who is cheating, along with there lover, tie the both up, slowly torture the lover, and wait to see how much does she or he care about the lover. Hopefully enough to stop that person from dying.

  8. Number 11. It's a complete upside down world. Telling a boy that he is a girl. And stick to that lie for a 14 years. No wonder he fell out with his parents. Ofcourse telling the truth would have been also davestating for the boy, but at least you could have him look up to a furture where he, when old enough, could get a penis plasti.

    To some extend gender is tought. There is this experiment, much more nicer then those portrayed here, with babies. They switched babies with young parents. And told the parents that the baby was the oposite gender. They gave the baby ' boy' plushe toy cars and other baby boy toys eventhough there was a choice of baby girl toys too. The ' boy' kept tossing the boy toys away, while the parents insisted in givint it boys toys instead of girls toys. The same thing happened with the baby 'girl' . It showed that parents are teaching the kids from a very early age what 'belongs' to their gender.
    So if you are a straight guy and like needlepoint or a straight woman and like to tinker on cars. No worries. Just take on the hobbies you like and let the rest of the world be damned.

  9. Man, I know that these are for views and hype, but the Stanford experiment was not setup without bias, intentionally shaped for a certain outcome and has had no successful repeat of these results.

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