9 Crazy Coincidences In History

9 Crazy Coincidences In History

Here are 9 of the craziest coincidences in history.

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9 Crazy Coincidences In History


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  1. whats crazy is that i have the same birthday as a proncess in norway, my dad has the same birthday as the king of norway, my sister has birthday one day after the prince of norway. and mu family is norwegian. thats some real coincidence shit

  2. someone decide if im lucky or not. my birthday is 21st of january. the same date as a princess in norway. which is where im from too. also my dads birthday is the 21st of february, which is the same date as the king of norway. damn

  3. kAbout 7 years ago i was with my friend and my sister at my house. We were on the topic of children, specifically twins, as i have a fascination with them and would love to have twins of my own. During this conversation my mobile phone rang, and the number was one i didnt recognise. I answered and the woman on the end of the phone said 'Hi Jamie, im phoning to ask about twins' (my names Jamie). i said 'what' which she replied 'i want to ask about the twins'. i said my names jamie but i havent got any twins! My mate and sister, only hearing my side of the story was laughing there heads off, maybe by what i was saying or my facial expression. i put the phone down in a panic and proceeded to tell my friend and sister what happened. They thought i was chatting shit, but i said the woman sounded American (im English). At that point my mate said 'if she was American, the number code would be …..'. We looked and it was the American telephone code!! we started to panic and my sister was in tears as she was scared! my friend said it could be a time lapse, where someone from the future phoned you yo ask about kids you havent yet got (sounds stupid but so does the sequence of events). my friend suggested phoning back, so i phoned back from mobile. it never even rang once and the woman answered 'Jamie'. I put the phone down! The odds of me randomly talking about kids, twins specifically, and getting a phone call on my mobile, from someone in America, asking for Jamie and specifically to ask about Twins!! coincidence!!

  4. No offense but, can you start putting the stuff in the list in the description? I don't want to watch 5 minutes just to find out stuff.

  5. What about the coincidence with Franz Ferdinand when the Black Hand gang was 10 minuets late for the train the day they was going to assassinate him but the train was 10 minuets late too

  6. The story of the cafe with Franz Ferdinand was not true. It was a patch up of missing historical evidence that came about in a historians book in the late 20th century.

  7. The context provided at 3:07 to 3:12 is misleading. The tragedies did occur in the same month, but the book was published fourteen years before the actual Titanic hit an iceberg on the night of April 15, 1912 and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

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