Does the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine cause blood clots? | DW News

Does the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine cause blood clots? | DW News

Vaccinations with the Astra Zeneca coronavirus vaccine are being halted in Denmark, Norway and Iceland – for now. We asked an expert about how serious the concerns about the vaccine should be taken, and on how likely it is to be the cause of reported blood clots. Is not getting the jab more dangerous than waiting?


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  1. Asia now is badly affected by Covid-19 and there is a high demand for immediate vaccination . Currently Pfizer vaccines are widely used follow by AZ and Sinovac .. other than Cina, the rest are still pending for high numbers of vaccination ..

  2. I would like to stand up an give my opinion.
    Unfortunately that's not possible after developing severe clots in my legs and several pulmonary embolisms a week after having the astra zeneka vaccine. I had hoped my one in a million chance would be a lottery win, not a death threat and a grim future.

  3. Had my astrazenica vaccine last 19th of May. I was okay the next day but was sick after two days. Slight fever, lethargic and exhausted. The next day I was okay but I got pain in my back (middle right) for 4 days. It was painful when I take a deep breath. I went to the hospital and found out I had congestion in my lungs. But said it wasn't serious. They had me nebulized, i was slightly relieved but still had that pain in my back for couple of days. It's my day 10 now and I feel fine. No pain in my back and feel normal again….

  4. They just try to make people think this is Brexit vaccine Putin Vaccine EU vaccine Liberal Vaccine CCP vaccine to take sides and other countries like India and Japan can't even choose.

  5. Exposy of dr bossche vaccine is specific anti bodies, that can defend specific virus, so it cannot defend a future variant of covid 19, our immune is non specific anti bodies, so it can defend all type of variant of covid 19, I prefer not to received any type of vaccine.

  6. So the whole point of getting the vaccine is …to prevent u getting the virus or spreading it. Yet they have admitted the vaccines guarantees neither.
    Then they say the vaccine is 95% "effective"-Wha?
    Maybe we should be reading between the lines …effective at just what?

  7. 2 weeks after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine
    head aches feeling faint head aches leading to brain anusim causing stroke. few people i know have had this happen but is it worth the risk

  8. I guess the question here is, does the vaccine by itself cause blood clots, or is it if you had covid at some point and then got vaccinated? Do, you then get blood clots…

  9. The reason why I bring this up is my perfectly healthy 19 year old son received Pfizer vaccine and two weeks later he has a dvt of the brain. Inflammation out of the blue with his blood palettes dropping drastically for no reason seems to be a reaction and inflammation from some foreign source which seems to the only logical source added to the equation would be the vaccine. I'm in America and was surprised that when bringing him to the ER no questions are being asked if you just received the vaccine. I'm in no way against vaccinating but should more information and testing be done on our younger population before administration of the vaccine. I have found a lot research online starting to come to light about reaction in regards to vaccination and having covid previously and clots forming. Just seems like more research should be done inbregards to this because believe me this is my son and I'm terrified.

  10. I'm 18 and just got vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vacine. I feel fine for the first day and didn't have any side effects besides from some minor pain on my left arm. A girl next to me fainted after she got vaccinated though.

  11. In the USA the medical establishment is largely ignoring and failing to report the number of people really having blood clots. So the number of blood clots linked to the vaccine is not going to be accurate.

  12. Hello DW, is it safe that the person vaccinated with two different kinds of vaccines like AstraZeneca on 1st dose and Pfizer for 2nd dose because in Italy it happens. Thanks

  13. 1st shot had no side affects 2nd shot absolutely floored me day after
    hearing reports locally of many people feeling no energy one landed in hospital now having heart surgery
    other lost all feeling in arm
    so time will tell ……………deffo more risks than they are telling us

  14. I think the possibility that the vaccine causes the blood clots is very high tho. Its insane to think that blood clots happens naturally. Also, if blood clots death is still under investigation, would not it mean that Covid death deserves to be under investigation as well? If that’s the case, then this “pandemic” should not yet be called a pandemic since everything about covid death is “hypothetical” at least until we get the complete data. In addition there are 10,000,000 ish cases of Covid wordwide and 500,000 ish of them died. Now, the number itself is not that significant to be called a pandemic. Not to mention the lack of data that supports whether or not they die because of Covid or with Covid.

    Any thoughts?

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  16. It's impossible to know exactly how rare blood clots caused by the covid vaccines are. Accurate data relies on accurate reporting, and many doctors are reluctant to connect the two.

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