Sarah Everard's murder sparks outcry over women's safety in UK | DW News

Sarah Everard's murder sparks outcry over women's safety in UK | DW News

In the UK, a serving police officer has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 33-year-old woman. Wayne Couzens, who’s 48, made his first appearance at a London court on Saturday morning. Sarah Everard’s body was found hidden in woodland more than a week after she went missing. It’s believed she was attacked while walking home from a friend’s house in south London. Her disappearance and killing have caused a nationwide outcry and prompted a global discussion around women’s safety.


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  1. UK: Women murdered while walking back home alone.
    India: Do you even do that?

    Here in India we girls have been taught to return back home before sunset. But now after this incident I realize no place on this earth is safe for women.

  2. There is a lot of shouting about equality which is right of course but many of those people shouting equality don't seem to be interested in the fact that men are also killed Don't get me wrong this like all deaths is wrong, tragic and upsetting But with equality are we not to treat everyone equal so where is the concern for the number of men killed. In the year up to March 2020 207 females were killed and 506 males killed in the UK, this was an decrease on the number of females but an increase on the number of males.

  3. #SarahEverard was murdered by a police officer who is a sexually deviant man. He was charged with her murder but also with flashing (exposing his genitals) to other women. A serious conversation and a research into correlation between sexual deviancy and violence against women must be had. Enough is enough.

  4. Not blaming her in any way but London parks are simply not safe at night when I lived in Harrow added 10 minutes onto my journey just to avoid the park after someone I knew got mugged for a box of cigarettes they didn’t even take his phone just the box of cigarettes after he refused to give the gang of teenagers one each

  5. Men have been trying to make the world a better and safer place for thousands of years: it's called Christianity. Read the Bible. It's fundamentally about getting people, men in particular, to stop engaging in sinful behavior.

  6. As a men I realize that in my generation it was very easy to have a small talk with a women in the street, now it’s suspicious nobody trust nobody where are we going ?

  7. Has there EVER been a time when women felt safe walking home alone at night? I don't think so. This needs to be addressed, but this is nothing new.

  8. Best help:security team firm where women can call and get bodyguards until their home. Always 2 guards!!!!! Here in Germany it is like that.

  9. The hipocrisy. So many people die from horrible things and we keep silent. But one simple woman killed by a man is enough to scream "feminism". If it was a man no one would care

  10. I’m with the women here, they should be able to conceal and carry some kind of weapon legally. If you say oh well what if the men now have guns, but no the criminals will just use a knife or a gun illegally anyway. Women need to be able to protect themselves. There of course needs to be some regulation about when you can defend yourself properly. I think mostly it would be a good deterrent.

  11. How sad that she died because it must have been really annoying for anyone about to die knowing that their partner will live on to have sex with any one they like and possibly carry out other sexual acts with new sexual partners that they denied you.

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