Turkish Water Borek- Delicious Cheese Borek Recipe

Turkish Water Borek- Delicious Cheese Borek Recipe

Su böreği (water borek, boiled Cheese borek pastry) is widely popular in Turkey and Turkish Cuisine. You can find this delicious borek pastry almost in all bakery stores in Turkey. You’ll learn how to make cheese borek. It is super traditional, and with this easy recipe you will be able to bake it at home by yourself.
Turkish borek has many different varieties. With ground meat, feta cheese, boiled potatoes or even with sausages if you want! You can have your Turkish pastry any how you want! Phyllo pastry is a special kind of flat bread, you can find the recipe in our channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for more delicious and easy recipes from Turkey!
Directions: Combine crumbled feta cheese and chopped parsley Whisk 3 eggs and a pinch salt Add vegetable oil and continue beating Add milk and water Place a layer of phyllo pastry on the greased baking dish Cut each phyllo in 4 euqal pieces , dip in the sauce and place in the baking tray When you are done placing half of the phyllo you have, place a layer of feta-parsley mixture And continue with the rest of phyllo you have Finally, cover the top with the edges of the first later of pastry you have Pour the rest of the sauce on the top Before you bake, keep in the fridge for around 2 hours Cut in slices Bake for around 45 minutes on 200C (400F) pre-heated oven
List of ingredients:
6 pieces of phyllo pastry
400 g (4 cups) crumbled feta cheese
1 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
100g parsley
A pinch of salt
2 cups milk
1 cup water


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  1. That is not phyllo dough, nor would you be able to do what she's doing with phyllo dough. The dough in the video can only be found in Turkey. A similar, packaged dough found in the US will also not work due to its dryness. The dough in the video will need to be made from scratch.

  2. tried making this today but with store bought filo in the USA. it was too thin and is quite wet. it's currently sitting in the fridge. Pretty sure it'll be a disaster but anyone know if it will be ok or how to fix it?

  3. Please don't call this Water Borek ( su boregi) since it is completely different than the authentic Su Boregi. What you are showing is very common way of making Borek in Turkey by using a ready made rolled out dough and it is quite delicious but far from Water Borek.

  4. This is my favorite Su boregi,my grandmother and my mother did a different way by boiling water and put the dough in that boiling water and then to the pan with layers of dough then the cheese mixture then add more of that boiling water dough then on the top brush with melted butter,in my case I will use your recipe easier for me.

  5. This is excellent. To make it even better, use half feta and half mozzarella, reduce the parsley by a few tablespoons and replace with 4tbsp chopped fresh mint. Outstanding!

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