What do you know about Serbian guys? What do foreigners think about guys in Serbia? Is American perspective different from Russian? Both me and Nwando, have had some experience in dating Serbian guys. In this video, we discuss who Serbian guys are a good match for, our views on men and relationships in Serbia, and much more.

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I am Anna – an explorer, traveler, and global citizen who originated in Mother Russia.
The last 5 years I have spent in Germany, Greece, Austria, and India working, studying, or volunteering. Currently, I am pursuing my big goal – a bachelor in International Business in Austria.
On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Germany and Austria to work, study, or start a business.


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  1. I watched all of that…very interesting 😉 You looked aghast near the end at the prospect of a woman paying for the trips she goes on with her bf, I’d have liked to hear you talk about that instinct.

  2. Serbian men are way too aggressive… every thread irrelevant of topic becomes political telling us about war and kosovo…
    Great interview, and collaboration, interesting perspectives from the parties! 😀

  3. I see where Erik is coming from. Western women have been raised up to be more aggressive due to the needs of survival. Women in the West like the U.S. have realized they cannot rely on someone else. They have to be independent to survive. Here in the U.S. the divorce rate was like 50% or more in the 1980s and 1990s, so you had a lot of children being raised up mostly by single moms. Thus, the young women realize after seeing their mothers struggle raising her up and possibly her other siblings, women in the U.S. grew up being more independent and aggressive. I can't blame that mentality. You have to survive and not rely too much on a husband/partner. So getting back to why agree with Erik is that the attraction to Serbian women is that they are more feminine which is a quality long gone in the U.S. (mind you women in the U.S. look feminine to play the part, but the mentality is way too masculine) From what I gather about Serbian women is that they have the softer more supportive side that a man from the West is looking for. I mean it's true. After dating women here in the U.S, I feel that women here act most of the time like "one of the guys." I miss women wearing dresses. You don't see that anymore. However, I can see where you are coming from Anna. Having a man as your equal and not being a subservient to him is very attractive to you. You're very intelligent and you have good looks as well (an exceptional combination). You want a man to be successful in his endeavors and as a women from Russia you still would like him to bring you flowers and romance you, but of course the focus in a relationship is not just based on desire but also purpose. You're looking for a man who can be a man but also who can share with you a successful career or business. Love and passion will be there, but you want to share in the effort of building a productive and fruitful organization/business that you both can share in it's success. I like that a lot.

  4. The german speaking cultures misuse the word ‘brutal’ and abuse it as well. Then again Austria, Germany and Switzerland are full of girlie men so it makes sense.

  5. Russians and Serbs have a similar mentality and male muscularity except that Russian
    men are spoiled because of the much larger number of women available in Russia.

  6. It is interesting to see your views on dating in Serbia. It really tells a bit more about 3 of you and your opinion on relationships in general, than about Serbian guys or girls. Look inside, and l guess you will see what expectations you have of opposite sex, more importantly think about what you can bring to the relationship, not just what you expect from other person. Therefore its not about Serbian or German or any tribe or nation, once you know yourselves, only then you will be able to build true partnership in my opinion. As long as you are talking about Blonde guys, or entrepreneurs and other attributes, it will all stay superficial and stereotypical. Good luck with that in any country in the world. Saying that, l do wish you all the best, and congrats on courage to state publicly your views.

  7. Well Anna, from someone who is from Russia I expected you to be much more compassionate. Listening to you I had the impression that you have a cold German mindset and "strong and independent" vibe, guess you run from Russia because of that. LOL I wrote a long comment on Eriks channel on the same video about uncertainty, you can read it if you want to understand why there is no strong entrepreneurship spirit here. And about Tinder, it is a hookup app for God sake, you wont find any serious or decent men there. I understand that you are very young and that there is a pandemic going on, but Tinder… come on Anna… it is a major turnoff, if you want respect or equal treatment avoid online dating like a plague! Thank you for promoting Serbia, I wish you all the best in life.

  8. I get it, these types of women want the top 10% alpha male which aren’t going to pick them usually. Those successful men will have their choice of dating/marrying younger and beautiful women in their late 20’s, early 30’s.

  9. I see many people have some kind of issue about some things Anna said. Pray find a little time to watch this clip from the girl (I cannot decide, in regard to her accent, is she from Republika Srpska or Montenegro, shame on me) who lives in Russia for many years, speaks language, has Russian friends, understand mentality etc. I never saw better description of Russian mentality (especially female Russian mentality) from the foreigner's perspective, than this. Most of your doubts will be answered there, and you will understand why Anna think what she thinks, probably 🙂

  10. I recognize the challenge and feel like it's my patriotic duty to show our culture in the best light… fellow Serbs, I'm taking this one for the team!

    Will you go out with me Anna?

  11. I enjoyed this video very much, your input on Serbian men was very interesting. I'd suggest avoiding Tinder for anything meaningful though. I think Erik gave a nice wrap up at the end of the video, and I see he has a nice grasp of our culture. Nice one guys ! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in (a hopefully soon to be covid free) Serbia. 🙂

  12. I enjoyed the video, interesting perspectives. However as for entrepreneurship not being a thing here, i believe it's slowly changing. The mentality about it at least. I believe it's one of the forces guiding the young to leave the country and try to create a better life somewhere else. As life here was so filed with strife and war many people are demoralized to invest and risk to try something. As for dating and the men, i believe that culture can play it's part, but i think you give it too much credit. At the end, men in Serbia are not printed at the same press. Just like not all women are the same, for instance my ex Russian girlfriend loved it when i call her babe XD.

  13. A time waste.
    Life is short, no time for relationships, exs, Tinders and such, if one respects it's own soul, and prefers to save it.

    This is coming from a liberally raised Serb, who's been around the world, sadly had various experience, and realized a struggle to purify his own emotion after all that, and became a conservative.

    All the sisters and brethren who restrain from the postmodern "liberties", I salute you.

    It's difficult enough to commit, love and keep on loving one person as it is, unnecessary experiences might as well be just the extra burden in life.

    Свако добро!
    Всего доброго!
    All the best!

  14. I got the impression that marriages and relationships last longer in this part of Europe than in the west. Am I right? If so, maybe it would be better for you to listen to our advice than for us to listen to your advice …

  15. I don't recommend to have mixed relationship, its way too complex stay in your own etnicity and culture, much easier and no mishaps. What is that half Canadian/half Ukrainian guy doing,he looks like a rockstar on too much Vodka.

  16. Ok after watching these two lovely ladies , I can only say in this video there are more red flags than on the chineese parade. being in an open relationship and cheeting is acceptable but saying hey babe is a deal breaker what a f**k joke. One more thing guys send your CV first to Ana so she can decide if you are qualified or no. Please note if you are cashier in Aroma or maxi please do not waste her precious time since you do not have nothing going on in your life bcoz it is not enough.

  17. Serbia sounds similar to the USA in terms of meeting people – cloistered groups, awkward and shallow conversation, self conscious, based mostly on external factors like money and looks, narcissistic)

  18. Hi Erik ! Hi Nwando ! Hi Anna !

    Things must be looked at from outside of the body, detached from it.

    Dating culture is very young, seems it dawned just yesterday, somewhat 50-80 years into past… Which doesn't cover even whole three generations. With absolutely catastrophic results from broader perspective. It will never ''work'' in all subtle meanings of the word, for the benefit of anything. It only deepens the problems, turning male and female relations into somekind of a psychological, manipulative Game of Wits, Game of Thighs into who gets who… Sigmund Freud type, the whole science of it like animals being studied, which is product of Western, Anglo-germanic analytic, utility, pragmatic thought, which calculates everything… Sexual magic is most powerful one. It sucks the energy like a parasite, it lowers the frequency, it creates disbalance, disharmony. As in structure of power, it is hierarchical… Opposite to freedom. Much like the frequency resonating in what we call ''Serbia'' today. Psyche in all is not of what we call ''human'' origin…

    Without all of that implanted revolutionary mess, Serbian man and woman are King and Queen and are married like ones. Souls bound throughout everlasting circle of life… Of course, in post-modern liberal world, it is whatever heart or some other parts desire, but my opinion is that foreigners shouldn't involve, especially those coming from different or quite opposite energetic backgrounds.

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