10 New Secret Phone Settings That Will Surprise You

10 New Secret Phone Settings That Will Surprise You

We found a few beneficial functions on your smartphone that will make your life easy! Setting #3 is our favorite – check it out, and you’ll get access to the magic menu!

Lock screen message 0:44
Smartphone return option 1:27
Save the memory 1:51
Phone as CCTV 2:23
Dash cam 3:02
UV light 3:31
Smartphone construction level 4:01
Access to the magic menu 4:30
Interesting stats 5:04
Monochrome mode 5:45

– Go to “Settings” — “Lock screen and security” — “Lock screen signature.” Now write a backup phone number or your email there.
– Some apps (Cerberus is one of them) can take pictures, activate a mic, block the phone or/and delete all the data on it, locate it via GPS, or even use a loud signal to draw the attention of people nearby.
– Just upload all your data to Telegram Messenger. Telegram allows you to send files, texts, and links to yourself. You can use it both as a notepad and cloud storage.
– Use an old smartphone to create a simple security system for your home. An app with a motion sensor function will turn your device into a CCTV cam that takes pictures when someone appears in view. It will send photos to you right away.
– You can also use your smartphone as a DVR (dash cam) in your car. All you need to do is install your cam so that it has the best view of the road. To make it work even better, use special DVR apps.
– A UV light can be useful, especially if you want to check the authenticity of banknotes. DIY by utilizing some tape, markers, and a smartphone, of course.
– Any smartphone now has an accelerometer and a gyro sensor. Both allow it to determine the device’s position in space. Download specific apps for Android and iOS and your phone can replace a level device. It will definitely work for small construction.
– If you are serious about your smartphone and use it all the time, you may as well change its settings like a professional. To do so, you need to go to the Developer Menu. Go to: Settings — About the phone — Click 7 times on “Model Number.”
– On iOS, simply go to “Settings” — “Battery” and press the dial key to the right of the “last 7 days” column. A list of your most-used apps will appear. For Android, you will have to install one more app (yes, again an app, another one), such as Instant.
– Go to the “magical” developer’s menu, and find “simulate anomaly,” then switch the monochrome mode on. Now your phone will work in black and white.

What is your favorite phone brand, by the way? Do you know any other interesting smartphone features? Share them in the comments!

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