25 MIND BLOWING Movie Fan Theories

25 MIND BLOWING Movie Fan Theories

Do you have a favorite movie fan theory? Sometimes, movies fail to answer all questions but fans are quick to create theories to answer them. Are theories true?


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  1. I never understand why you guys leave out things like in the entry of lion king/scar being a throw rug in Hercules, why didn’t u use a screen shot from Hercules where we can see that? Were you too lazy to google image search it??

  2. I have this theory that oz and krypton are the same place. I base it on the fact that Dorthy ends up in oz in a tornado and superman ends up in Kanas in a Tornado. Smallville the catalyst of this theory.

  3. In number 18, you missed one! Cmon guys! The shipwreck that Ariel finds is the ship of the Frozen sisters parents. They (the king & queen) make it an island & have another child. The king & queen die, leaving the infant to be raised by gorillas. This kid goes by the name of Tarzan! So Tarzan is Anna & Elsa’s brother & a prince!

  4. They did fake the Moonlanding in case the real mission failed they would show the fake one but the mission was a success and they did not need to use the fake moon landing footage.

  5. Hmmm Tristan of list25 looks a little like Ferris Buller. Speaking of the Ferris Buller theory this really don't add up that Camron is making him up due to all the character inter action where Cameron is nowhere around. Ferris & Slone(Mia Sara) the School Principle, the Restaurant scene, the hundreds of people in the times square float scene that theory just don't work. Cameron was just a kid whose ass was so tight that he'd shit a diamond. Ferris was the perfect friend to get him too loosen up a bit.

  6. Interestingly, the Merchant in Aladdin has only four fingers on each hand, as does the Genie. They are the only individuals in the movie for which this is true. Everyone else has five fingers on each hand.

  7. 25 – times hollywood actors were murdered/ murdered others
    25 – worst bug infestations
    25 – people who were lost at sea and survived
    25 – worst recieved video games
    25 – worst recieved movies

  8. I WISH someone would do one of these videos about the few that are actually based on novels instead of their Hollywood adaptations. The Shining novel is 10 times better than the movie and the Jurassic Park movies would have been INSANE had it gone by the books. Same as the Mary Poppins book series…

  9. So many items on your list have already been used in multiple other lists. I guess it's only really noticeable if you watch your videos back-to-back but still super annoying. what the f*** man can't you come up with new material?

  10. James Bond books state more than once it is his real name, both Mary Poppins and Charlie and the chocolate factory were written before Doctor Who existed. Bond being a code name is tied with both Mary Poppins and Willie Wonka being time lords as the most ridiculous fan theories. People need to read the books.

  11. Stay away from entertainment, you're not good with these pieces. They come accross as stupid. If they get a DOCUMENTARY fact wrong, go for it!
    I think Bruce Willis was really dead in that movie he was really dead in, I think

  12. The Kubrick one is defenitly true. There are photos of him with NASA. Just because it's too much to take in for most, doesn't mean it ain't true. Remember… you DON'T decide what is true. Reality doesn't bow down to your perception bubble.
    If you remove the "what you want to be true, and do not want to be true" filter. Things become really clear that it's true, as long as you dig into it a lot. There's a big full video about it called "the shining 2.0"

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