Nigeria: Criminal gangs terrorize villages | DW News

Nigeria: Criminal gangs terrorize villages | DW News

The Nigerian schoolgirls released by kidnappers this week have now been reunited with their families and are back home. The girls had been in government care in the northern Zamfara State receiving medical checks following their captivity. While the news of the girls’ abduction grabbed international headlines, many more kidnappings happen very often in northern and central parts of Nigeria. Armed gangs take people hostage and demand money for their release.
DW correspondent Fred Muvunyi was in Zamfara, reporting on the kidnapping and subsequent release of the school girls. Then in neighbouring Sokoto State, he came across the story of a painful family tragedy.


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  1. Here you go Meghan. A real issue for you to blog about and set up a patronage to help and make some political speeches globally about. Make a real difference where it is truly needed.

  2. “The number of people we are producing every year is faster than our developmental rate,” Orji said. “And that is why Nigeria has become the No. 1 country with the highest number of poor people.” Ejike Orji 
    Why do many humans knowingly bring children into the world to suffer poverty and terrorism?

  3. It's Northern part of the country not the whole Nigeria. Stop with the sensational headlines- typical western media reporting of African issues.
    If it were Europe, you will specify the town but the headline paints it as if it's the whole country. Poor journalism

  4. Africa is large continent with many countries at different stages of development. Not all places even in Nigeria would be like this.They can handle this without needing the Western countries intruding into their internal affairs. If they need help they will seek it from China.

  5. As if the Nigerian government cares about anybody except themselves and there huge amounts of $$%$$ that is either charity or Chinese or Gates and associates n the bank so they can eat and drink fly off with their families girlfreinds and boyfreinds and live in sheer luxury…
    To all the people that were saying this is just in North Nigeria it dosent mean it should be dismissed it is part of Nigeria as is Maiduguri and the massive kidnapping of the hundreds of schoolgirls.An ongoing problem that the government has no intention of controlling.!!!

  6. What can we expect from the land of poor? By now Africa should have been the richest continent in our planet.
    But they are still poor.
    It’s not a curse.
    It’s their mistakes

  7. Very illogical biased useless reporting at best..DW and your cohorts have failed and will continue to with these senseless bad image painting of Nigeria..nobody with any atom of brain cells and objective mind/reasoning will ever take you clowns serious with these untruths overreaching gibberish at best sensational reporting you have been doing recently as regards Nigeria.

  8. We still haven't heard under what circumstances the girls were released. Was a ransom paid? Did they just randomly let them go? Did the military go find them?

    We can't really understand the gangs unless we know why these girls where let go. Especially in light of the rumours of government involvement

  9. Fighting against terrorism and patronizing, following islam simultaneously is double standard. You will keep fighting but outcome will be zero.

  10. People will have to organize to have a plan for when these bandits come be prepared for them. At the very least put a tracking device somewhere on the children so they can be easily found. Be proactive.

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