Otter can't fall asleep without cuddling stuffed animal

Otter can't fall asleep without cuddling stuffed animal

Sakura the otter lovingly cuddles a stuffed animal in this heartwarming clip. Just wait until the end… Adorable!

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  1. GET RID OF THAT CAGE! If you can't have a pet without keeping it in a cage, you have no business having that pet. Otters need a place to swim & room to run around & have fun. If you live in the city, get a goddam cat.

  2. This is Sakura the Asian Small-Clawed otter. Her and her owner lives in Japan, where it's legal to own that type of otter as a pet, it's just hard to get one, most places you need a special permit. She is not crying herself to sleep, that's the sound that an otter makes. And it's fine to put an otter in a cage when going to sleep, it's gonna go through things in the house. Nor does she need a blanket due to her fur. Her owner takes care of her very well, and Sakura loves her owner, so don't jump into conclusions.

  3. Facts about this otter. It has 12 different vocals for communication and when they find a mate they stay together for life and live together in large families and are very social animals and considered the smartest species of otter.

    While otters are cute let's face the facts that this might not be a happy otter. Just because it makes nose when it's happy dosent mean every nose it makes is a happy one and just because there's a human nearby dosent mean it isn't lonely.

    Sorry this isn't PC enough for you but seriously everyone is accusing people of knowing nothing when they suggest this animal might be in pain but the fact is people are ignorantly attacking those people without knowing any facts because they are all presenting opinions on how it's happy.

    You don't change the world by changing your opinion on it.

    You don't change the world by telling bad people how wrong they are.

    You change the world by finding facts and changing yourself.

  4. Most small clawed Asian otters like the one in this video are being illegally traded from Malaysia and Thailand, which means that there are no regulations on breeding and distribution. Since there are no regulations it’s more common for irresponsible breeding (ie. inbreeding or using a female continuously to breed without breaks) to occur to a species that’s endangered. This is an important caveat because inbreeding leads to more genetic defects for future generations. It’s also very prevalent that these otters are taken away from their mothers before they’re even weaned from their milk and education. Which may lead to psychological and behavioural issues down the line. Whoever owns an otter that isn’t due to a rescue situation, is a negligent as well as selfish person who only seeks their own gratification. Otter owners (who aren’t rescuers) put themselves before the health of a species. After doing a bit of research one can find quite a few scientific papers on the illegal otter trade that have been peer reviewed. Not many people are looking into why it’s wrong to have one of these otters as a pet because they’re too distracted by the cuteness that they display, and they assume that since a couple of Japanese people are having them then it’s okay. This article here would be a good start to looking into the illegal otter trade:

  5. Well that's just sad. Otters are social animals, in the wild they live with in families… It's like having only one ferret.

    No wonder why she's hugging the stuffed animal, because she has no one else…

  6. Interesting to see Sakura at the same age that Bingo is now- they look very similar…are they related? They look more alike than they either look like Kotsumet or Hana.

  7. The market for these poached animals, otters, is booming in Southeast Asia.Tom Taylor is the program director for Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Keeping otters as pets isn’t good for the animals, either, Taylor says. In the wild, the freshwater-loving carnivores live in family groups of up to 15. This contrasts with their lives in captivity, where they’re isolated from other otters and often get no more than a dunking in the bathtub. “Most pet otters are treated like toys—we see them on pet leads, wearing dolls’ clothing, and fed very bad human diets,” Taylor says.

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