'People deserve to have a choice' | Russia ‘open’ to supplying Sputnik V to EU

'People deserve to have a choice' | Russia ‘open’ to supplying Sputnik V to EU

Russia is ready to supply European nations with its Sputnik V jab as it believes people “deserve” to have a choice of vaccines but it is up to the EU to allow it, said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

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  1. to suggest another countries doctors wouldn't make sufficient effort is disgusting. Dr.s are quite aware of complex systems and medical liability on a daily basis, even the financially motivated ones

  2. 61% of Russians believe CV-19 is a genetically engineered virus! 63% won't take a vaccine, not only Sputnik, any vaccine! The same numbers are in my country, Croatia EU! I guess we Slavs are raised differently! Disease, misfortune, war (we have been fighting and infighting for the last 300 years)! Croatia is on the Balkan peninsula, and when you hear of Balkan wars or Balkanization you know we had a bloody and hard history same as all Slavs, especially Russians!

  3. It was the US government who started bad mouthing Sputnik V, from the beginning, they want to ruin's Russia's ability to sell the vaccine abroad.

  4. The UK will not allow it to be used , it won't kill or maim people to start with and most importantly it would destroy the huge investments and profits to Pfizer and Astra Zeneca, companies which at one time were managed by the current SAGE (biggest misnomer) Medical advisers, that own thousands of shares worth millions, on this pharma companies.,but many MPs are also benefitting from this get rich quickly while you can scam, while huge numbers of people have fallen into absolute poverty, despair, suicides, loss of homes and death before their time. It is true that evil controls the world.

  5. I don’t care about hurting majority. A bunch of leaders around the world have a due diligence out of the legal process which cannot be hypocritical. I will never hurt people that are neglected by there leaders. I know some leaders are being taught by there military to learn to know better while others are not being taught to learn better. I don’t care at all about anyone’s bullshit. I make more money than everyone without everyone knowing.

  6. Money can be taken as a proceed of crime. I’m not worried about people trying to use there money for abuse. I will take people’s money and kill them with there own money if they don’t believe in one government. If you have more than one government around the universe that means you would let humans get abused because you have delusional disorder by not understanding we only need one country around the universe.

  7. People don’t understand that because we do not have one country that they are terrorist organizations and everyone in your country is profiting off of the proceed of crime. I can already take everyone’s money and use it. People need to watch out and come to an agreement between every “country” to create one country or there militaries will turn on the government and sue all of there leaders for there money back.

  8. Its a tried and test way of making vaccine's unlike most other vaccine's that are a new tech never used before which one would you take experimental or tried and tested method?

  9. Q: When will Sputnik-V 92% effecacy vaccine save Canadians?

    A: When Canadian politicians love their own children MORE than they hate our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia.

  10. If a country buys Sputnik V, they might be sanctioned. Western media rarely speaks about Sputnik V & when it does its all negative.
    I'd rather it be from Russia than anywhere else especially the dodgy usa

  11. Don’t forget, Pfizer and Moderna don’t offer a “vaccine”. It alters the RNA so the DNA is over ridden. Sputnik V is a vaccine which affects your immunity. I’m not interested in any, but if I were older and afraid maybe I would be. If that were the case I’d go with Sputnik.

  12. Cada día aumenta más la demanda de nuevos países por la vacuna más segura y eficaz..De RUSIA…Bien Amada nación…Están contribuyendo en grande para la humanidad…

  13. Bad Russia! According to the Ameritocracy controled West, NOTHING good could ever come from Mother Russia, let alone produce a quality vaccine with little to no side affects. I can't wait to see if the Ameritocracy controled EU as the balls to flip a finger to it's Ameritocracy masters

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