What is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis? After the anatomy of dreams video many of you were asking the question “what is sleep paralysis?” and why does it happen? In this video we’re going to cover the neurobiology and neuroscience of sleep paralysis and try to uncover some of the fascinating theory behind why it happens.


Script by Camilla – IG: https://www.instagram.com/blvxk_art/
Thumb by Bran – Twitter – @brandrounds


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  1. I had sleep paralysis today and im rlly scared to sleep i literally felt like someone was beside me breathing and holding me and I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to see the person who has holding and breathing beside me

  2. I used to get attacked while I was sleeping!
    One night I stayed up late reading the Bible until around 2:30– 3 a.m.
    I was trying to find Bible verses on why a person should not smoke marijuana to get high? I had a very close family member that was doing it. After about seven or eight hours reading the Bible I could not find what I was looking for but I do now and I will tell you at the end.
    I put the Bible down & closed my eyes to start to pray. This thing hit the ceiling real loud above my head while I was upstairs in a two-story house. I
    Drop down on my knees to pray with tears rolling down my face asking Jesus Christ to remove this thing from me and send it to hell. It had been bothering me off and on for the previous 15 years. I was 27 years old at the time. While I was on my knees praying with my eyes closed I heard the most horrible vocal scream that I've ever heard in my life! It sounded like a demonic high and low pitch dog screaming with his throat ripped open with meat flapping from a ripped open throat. I continued to cry out rebuking it in the name of Jesus, poured my heart out to the Lord keeping my eyes closed. The moment I said the name Jesus the screaming went from above me to downstairs below me on the first floor. There was no other people in this house but me. This thing sounded like it was being burnt to death in fiery pain screaming. I could tell it was struggling but to no avail. I could not believe my ears. I continued to keep my eyes closed having faith in the Lord and knowing that I was completely safe while this was happening. I continue to thank Jesus for what he was doing with tears continue endlessly rolling down my face and my arms Held High thanking Jesus Christ. The horrible scream continued and then started fading deeper and deeper into the Earth until I could no longer hear it …nothing but emotions & my very words thanking Jesus over & over for what he had just done! That was in 1996.
    Around 1 year passes by & I am over at my aunt's what's her two kids (young adults) working. I take a 15-minute break.
    My family lights up a joint & start passing it around the room while I'm on my break. Play no I don't smoke it anymore but, I have to keep handing it off from left to right as it circles the room. It had been around 2 years since I smoked any. It used to make me feel uncomfortable / ashamed, like I shouldn't be doing it. My aunt says to me " you haven't smoked any pot and you hears you should take a couple of hits! My two cousins agree with her. So I take two hits then went back out to work again. This time while I was working I had a small buzz & felt good. I did not feel ashamed I did not feel guilty I just continued working. I finished the job say goodbye to my family went on about my day. I forgot I even took a couple of hits that afternoon. I watched some T, ate supper and watched a movie. Around 10 p.m. I laid down to go to sleep. Just as I fell asleep & started falling into a good sleep, I felt something trying to force itself into me. I was fighting pushing & shaking myself until I finally forced myself awake!
    I knew exactly what was going on! I started rebuking this thing out of my house in the name of Jesus Christ! After I prayed marched up and down the hall rebuking it in the name of Jesus I sat down on my bed and said to the Lord…. you delivered me from this thing a year ago. Why would you allow it to come back into my life? I was crying. When I said that out loud, a perfect picture popped into my head from earlier that day of me holding the joint to my mouth and taking a big hit on set joint! I was not even thinking about that!
    That was the farthest thing from my mind!
    I said what? That's what it is?
    I told the Lord I promise you Lord, if you keep those creatures away from me, I will never ever touch that stuff again as long as I live!!!
    That was in 1997. God has kept His promise to me as I have kept my promise to him, to this day in October 29th 2020 I have never ever heard another peep or been bothered while I'm asleep! The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one that can protect you!
    We opened doors for these creatures and give them permission to bother us or get in us!
    Remember one year earlier I was reading through the Bible for around seven or eight hours trying to find out why a person should not smoke weed? When the Lord delivered me and there was loud screaming. I was not aware and could not put two and two together at the time. Not until it happened again one year later.
    And now I will tell you what you won't find in the Bible but why I believe you should not smoke weed or do other mind-altering drugs because you opened the door and give them permission to bother you and harass you!
    Years and years ago according to the book of Enoch that used to be part of the Bible, it no longer is.
    There was a group of fallen angels that came down to earth and taught mankind how to make weapons & The Art of War. One taught mankind witchcraft & about the Stars. One taught mankind about the herbs that are on the Earth how to alter your mind ( get high) and have to use some for medicine. There are a bunch of different things they talk none of it was good!
    The one that taught mankind about weeds, herbs how to get high, using different herbs for medicines Etc. The religion I believe the Hindu Revere him as a Lord or god & call him
    " Lord Shiva" he was/ is a fallen angel… fallen from heaven!
    I will find the video where they themselves talk about "Lord Shiva" and what he's done!
    I will re-edit this and post the link to it for you to watch.
    And remember this!
    They are real ! Only the Lord Jesus Christ can deliver you from the power of these creatures when you yourself do things to open doors and give them permission to enter into your life!
    I believe this is the video I'm looking for God bless you!

    They believe that Lord Shiva was some man from another planet.
    I don't believe he was!
    I believe he was one of the fallen angels that came down to earth posing as a man from another planet. We are not talking about a mere mortal man. We are talking about what they call a god. You are free to believe what you like & I will not put down someone's religion. He is someone or something that had superhuman abilities to do things….a god with a small G. Here is a picture of him.

  3. i usually have something like this but i just can't move and if i try to scream i feel like my voice is slowly cutting off, I've never seen my sleep paralysis demon unfortunately i think he's or she's shy 🙁

  4. They are DEMONS….. spirits.
    This man is trying to ude science to tell about Spiritual world….. impossible.

    demons choke you and try to to have sex with you and yes kill you……



    these people do NOT BELIEVE in God or demons…. Spiritual worldso they try to make a scientific reason……DO NO BELIEVE THEM…


  5. Idk if this is normal but I have sort of like a pattern where for a month or two I’ll get sleep paralysis as little as 5 times a week to as much as 5 times in a single night for the whole week. And then it’ll go way for another month or two and the cycle repeats.

  6. Im 11 and I have sleep paralysis
    It's terrifying, Im kinda awake but I'm also a sleep feeling I started hearing stuff and seeing things my heart beat was so fast and someone was putting their hands on my chests I felt like I couldn't breath I started sweating and I was feeling hot, I wanted to shout for my mom and dad, after 5, 6 minutes of being scared as helked I ran to my dad's room and slept with him but I still couldn't sleep I saw things and I still felt someone putting their hand around my chest, I didn't sleep till 5 morning
    It's really terrifying and I can't move while it's happening, till this day I have it and it's really bad
    It doesn't stop

  7. I have that but my symptoms are somewhat different. When I'm waking up or coming out of a dream,I get dizzy,warm across the complete head,nauseated,paralyzed&then puke. After awhile it goes away. But when I'm able to get up,I'm sweaty&partially covered with vomit. It's so scary. I never told my Dr about the visions in my sleep…I'm too afraid.

  8. My sleep paralysis is the worst cause

    I can’t breathe some shadow figure is holding my nose down

    Then there is always a jump scare

    Thing is if I’m in my bed then when I get it…. IM UNDER MY FRIKIN BED

  9. I have had sleep paralysis a few times. The first time I experienced it I was ill and on a drug called Atarax for intense itching. I woke up with the demon pushing down on me.

    I have heard others say that this is the gateway to an out-of-body experience. That is why I am actively now looking to how to have an out-of-body experience after inducting sleep paralysis. It's actually become quite easy for me to do so

  10. I was floating around in my room, I was curled up like a baby.. it was like I was a bubble slowly bouncing off the walls and ceiling, I can see myself and my girlfriend laying in the bed….
    In another dream It was so scary i was with someone else and when i would try to speak or ask for help no word could be spoken, i couldn't speak.. my girlfriend heard me while I was sleep and said it sounded like I was mumbling something..

    Anyone ever have a dream and wake up and then go back to sleep and the dream picks up close to where it left off at???

  11. Best way to deal with it is to go thru it, don’t freak out! I’ve had many episodes in which when I get one I’ve just kinda ride the wave, I’ve mostly been subjected to visual hallucinations, not sure if anyone experiences certain characters, it’s always short balled creatures and tall slim black shadows with drawn faces

  12. Terrifying??? WRONG!!! The individual mind creates their own experience. If you are experiencing demons, it is your own mind creating them. Nothing has to be "terrifying." Nothing.

  13. Iv had this every night, and when i pray the Our Father Prayer it stops. I think it's some kind of spiritual attack. I can't move at all, pressure on my chest and it feels like claws inside me scraping, so bad, but it always goes once I pray, I can't cry out for help, totally stuck after about 20 seconds, it goes….x

  14. You basically insulted everyone intelligence who really witness events in the bedroom , smfh your defrauding and ruling out the truth about entities that invade the bedroom

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