25 SCARY World Events That Could Have Ended Life As We Know It

25 SCARY World Events That Could Have Ended Life As We Know It

Scary world events happen often. But there are a few scary world events that could have ended life as we know it. In fact, some of them could have just ended life entirely. These are 25 scary world events that could have ended life as we know it.

It’s scary to think of how close we’ve come to life-altering world events. You might think these events don’t happen often, but they do. Much more often than we are comfortable admitting. Check out these scary world events (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you knew about these potentially catastrophic events:


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Did you know that in 1989, Earth barely missed a direct impact with a 300 meter space rock? If this rock would have hit us, it would have been 12 times more powerful than the most powerful nuclear bomb. Speaking of nuclear bombs, in 1980, a faulty computer chip nearly got us into a nuclear war. And in 1986 the Chernobyl power plant meltdown happened which sent an incredible amount of radioactive material in the environment. These are but three of the many potentially life-altering events that humanity barely missed. Check out these 25 scary world events that could have ended life as we know it.

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  1. Facts on number one are slightly off, size is about right but this visitor exploded some 30 km above the surface causing that much damage and more. If it had been a bit more metallic and able to hold together, the event could of been absolutely devastating!

  2. He left alot out: Tunguska event of 1908, Yellowstone cauldron erupting every 640,000 years and now overdue, gamma ray bursts from supernovae, past ice ages freezing the oceans, Permian extinction (due to hydrogen sulfide from massive volcanoes in Siberia) could repeat elsewhere, WW I + WW II in 20th century, and Earth's magnetic field reversing. Possible future events could include man-made EM pulse wiping out power grid, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, ecological collapse due to CO2 emissions and ocean acidification, economic failure, water shortages now happening world wide, and AI machine takeover.

  3. Some these like 21 aren't ACTUALLY world ending and mass extinction events like 22 don't matter cuz it's arbitrary cuz here we are.
    Degrees through most these seem reasonable. But something like a quake is little too local to destroy the whole planet. So jus cuz 17 was bad for China means LITERALLY nothing to rest the world. California complains about forest fires but I'd be surprised if the Chinese or Japanese cared about that.
    The one we most recently averted was Clinton being elected President over Trump ESPECIALLY since she basic said was gonna start WW3.
    The only thing to fear now is some Super Virus Pandemic, a comet crushing us or North Korea or somewhere similar trying to do something stupid and kill us all. Anything else seems to have seemed worse then actually is.. an if happened would be way beyond our control anyway

  4. Smallpox was given to the Native American Indians in two blankets and a handkerchief and European sit back and watch them systematically died and didn't help them until the 1970s go figure

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