EU countries to resume AstraZeneca vaccinations | DW News

EU countries to resume AstraZeneca vaccinations | DW News

Germany, France, and several other European Union countries say they are resuming AstraZeneca vaccinations after the European Medicines Agency, the EMA …


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  1. Great again keep vaccinate your people until you receive better vaccination to fight.. you fight with covid 19 the weapons you have until you receive more advance weapons

  2. They will find something else to attack Britain with.
    We need to end all agreements with the EU as I fear that they will never ever trade fairly with us.

  3. 5 blood clots in 12 million vaccinations. The EU are a disgrace. More than that would have died on the way to get the vaccine – playing with the people of Europe’s lives because they couldn’t bare to admit it’s a good vaccine.

  4. Too late. The endless u-turns will have damaged confidence and more will die. EU governments have blood on their hands for this reckless political decision just to damage a UK company. Clots and the vaccine weren't related, and even if they were, a meteorite hitting you is 3 times more likely than dying of a clot e.g. 1 in a million

  5. Of course there would be no significant risk assessed. 37 cases in five million is exceedingly rare, practically nothing and normal incidences in unvaccinated people are expected to be 200 in five million people per month. But I guess everyone wanted someone else to say it's ok even though it was obvious to a time remotely familiar with math to know this was not of a scale to be pertinent.

  6. If several countries report deaths it is only sensible to pause that particular vaccine to investigate. Anything less is simply negligent

  7. stop playing with ppls lives if url dont want the vaccine give it to other countries that need it more..url are just stock pilling for no reason…the likeliness of getting a clot is so little that a person is more prone to get a clot from corona or by default anyways lmao

  8. "We’re actually hacking the software of life.” – Tal Zachs, Former CMO of Moderna during a TED Talk

    "These novel mRNA vaccination technologies are, in fact, mechanisms designed to manipulate the human genetic code." –
    Raul Diego, MPN News

  9. Someone is going to lose lots of money in case if AstraZeneca fail overall. Too much investments in this vaccine project. So like you or not , you will have to get vaccinated.

  10. The EUs negative anti UK comments have destroyed and changed peoples mindset with regards to a vaccine that is harmless. Macron should be removed for the deaths and blood on his hands. This guy has been a train wreck from day one and is totally out of his depth. They have now increased anti vaxers cases in the EU and in turn will not only increase the amount of deaths but will also destroy peoples lively hoods in the EU The powers that be in the EU need to be put on trial.

  11. I'm stranded, 5 weeks ago I was told I'm going to get vaccinated, now I don't want it, President Putins seems better than growing an extra leg and foot on my ear, enough side effects now sticky arteries.

  12. If history is anything to go on, it is likely that the Brits are spreading misinformation about the vaccine to reduce the demand for it. Obviously the EU too dumb to realize this

  13. Just to give people the facts: as of today, March 23rd, 2021, in Germany we count 15 cases of severe brain hemmorraghes and Cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVST) most in combination with a low level of blood platelets, all 4-16 days after vaccination with Astrazeneca. 4 of them deadly. 14 out of these were women aged 20-55. In most cases it has already been confirmed by doctors that this was caused by a strong immune response triggered by the vaccine. You can fact check this information on the site of Paul Ehrlich Institute and on diverse media outlets like FAZ or ZDF.

  14. No 1: I don’t only hope on Government’s Responds on security matter’s and Economy Growth.

    No 2: As an individual you should be safeguarded and also look for different self business and Trade not only waiting on betterment of the stock market activities,

    No 3:Most Important always save the little you can and think of what to do with it when it become good capital,

    Because the Government failed us in aspects of security, Economics activities and other trading systems

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