RT participates in Davos panel, clashes with BBC during debate

RT participates in Davos panel, clashes with BBC during debate

The World Economic Forum is underway in Davos, with some of the world’s biggest players readying for talks at the luxury Swiss resort. RT’s Deputy-Editor-in-Chief has been taking part in a panel on fake news. During the debate, the BBC’s representative went out of her way to criticize RT, and question our role as an alternative voice in the media.

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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


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  1. Living in Eastern Canada, I've been raised on CBC, north of the border and CNN south of the border. That's not a spectrum of world knowledge, just repeated political spam that has destroyed the word "Media". We used to have CTV here in Canada, but hit has since joined the political echo chamber.
    Discovering RT has given me a rebirth to the "News". I am watching events unfold around the world that our traditional media does not deem it worthy of their political agenda. It's nice that RT delivers the news and then lets me decide how I should feel about it instead of telling me how I should feel (CBC / CNN).

  2. RT Rules! ps…it was never Russa ! That's the Fake news ! what they do? Come here break our arms to vote? the lack of votes is the problem and also the electoral vote is a HUGE problem here.. thank you much…Rt

  3. Thank you RT. There was a time I hung on to most every word from Rachel Maddow. Fox was anathema to me. CBS and ABC were undeniably reliable in my mind because of the credibility they supposedly accumulated over the decades. But I was also a staunchly closed minded Liberal. Today, the unmitigated bias from the providers to which I used to flock is difficult to stomach. I even seek out Fox, just to get some alternative perspective to consider. But more than anything, I value the great pains that RT seems to take present alternative voices on a given issue without the editorializing that leads most MSM discussions.

  4. Just wait a bit. BBC with its SJW agenda works hard on its own destruction. Any critics from other mass media news outlets can be disregarded. Currently we have a war for survival in the media and most of those 'critical' articles are just hit pieces.

  5. Bloody Losers Main Stream Corporate Sponsored Crap from the West. I dont say RT is always correct and they dont have Political Pressure at Zero level. Yet if one compares most News Items Related to whats going around the world RT is a Thousand Times Better on Facts showing a more balanced presentation and More often than not Honest. UNLIKE THOSE MONEY HUNGRY PUPPETS IN BBC OR CNN OR EVEN AL JAZEERA, that has so often put humanity to the lowest of levels to protect their Nations agenda on Geo Politics

  6. Why has RT not told the BBC they know all about what the BBC did in 2006? The BBC took a massive bribe from the CIA to change their viewpoint/Index on Russia. We have clear undeniable evidence of them doing this. Maybe RT needs to read ''Udo Ulfkotte'' who Is the German who wrote the book exposing the BBC's corruption to a level of exposure that makes it impossible to deny.

  7. BBC was once without question probably the best Media outlet in the world. Today they've not only lost that title but have become the exact opposite of the best to now be simply the worst media outlet in the world. And all done for the USA… Shameful.

  8. Lets be honest though, RT is much more restricted than the BBC overall. They literally cannot criticise anything about the Putin and the russian govt. BBC definitely has an agenda, but all you ppl that fully support think RT is ethical independent news need to realise its completely the opposite

  9. BBC is not funded by UK gov!!!????
    What an outright LIE..
    "Independently regulated" – I don't even know what it means.
    This BBC chick either infinitely stupid or lying at same scale..
    So far, I value RT as more truthful and unbiased channel than BBC – there is no any doubt in that.
    As a matter of fact, BBC is a real shame.

  10. People use its name against the company. But what other more main stream news source is gonna talk about how not perfect America really is. When/ if RT starts pushing propaganda instead of facts ill go back CNN and BBC. This red scare is stupid. Get NATO the hell off the Russian border, stop propping up governments next to the Russian border. Where are the stores of Russian jets and plans flying at our border. Wait its not FUCKING happening.

  11. BBC is useful for sport and occasional ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS… THE STEALTH TAX that the government foces on voters is unnecessary and illigitimate. BBC is drowning in its own sewer of propaganda and even the leftist SJWs know it. The game is up. RT is exceptional. Where is Oksana Boyko, she should have led the panel for RT rather than the mumbling waffling lady who meant well but didnt really land as many punches as she could

  12. god I fucking hate the BBC, stick to watching it for entertainment and the occasional documentary or film, RT kicks its ass in informing people and has way more broad viewpoints then the BBC. I''ve just seen three interviews of the BBC doing this ganging up tabloid journalism on Afshin Rattansi on the brilliant underrated program Going Underground, like their interviews with George Galloway, Glenn Greenwald, Russell Brand and others they lead the way like the Murdoch and right-wing press and the Guardian to silence real dissent. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on, and kudos to RT for having to maintain such hostility and people judging books before their cover. its incredible the anti-Russia hysteria.

  13. RT are the only News , show truth in world news , not like European american media, of course american media own by Zionist Israeli,

  14. To learn and understanding real world news , you have to watch RT, also
    by understand , comparison, how the truth and media works in united state by Zionist Israeli control of american media and how freedom speech are in danger,

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