How a Mysterious Ship Helps North Korea Evade Oil Sanctions | Visual Investigations

How a Mysterious Ship Helps North Korea Evade Oil Sanctions | Visual Investigations

Read the takeaways from our investigation:

We spent months reviewing ship-tracking data, corporate records and satellite imagery to uncover one way North Korea evades strict international sanctions.

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  1. Hi, I'm Stella, one of the producers on this investigation. Thank you for watching! For this story, Visual Investigations teamed up with Times reporters in Asia to dig into the mystery of the Diamond 8 oil tanker and its illicit deliveries to North Korea. We spent months combing through ship tracking data, corporate records, satellite imagery, and court records to understand how the Diamond 8 went to North Korea and the elaborate network of companies connected to the ship, Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions about the investigation, and I'll do my best to answer.

  2. Sanctions – the stupidest move and tool ever thought up. All it does is, make the local populace suffer. The people in charge get everything they want. This happens everywhere without exception. Instead, involving a country in more trade would make them more susceptible to listening, coz there is way more to lose. Your previous president seemed to understand that and managed to use it to get warring countries to negotiate for peace in the middle east. I am guessing given enough time, he probably would have managed to get N.Korea to the negotiating table too.
    Well, water under the bridge, now we get ready for more wars.

  3. remember evading imperialist US sanctions is not a crime US sanctions every country that does not submit to it like china, Russia , Some Eu countries syria, venzuila, iran, north korea, …etc free trade is free trade usa is a big hegemony that think it can police and control the world and shape it to its will with its own ideology, is usa democratic ? No is usa really about spreading democracy ? no they are actively allied with saudi arabia which is a kingdom and they sell it weapons to wage war against the nation of yemen and its not being covered by the media the war has been raging now for 7 brutal years… and they also supplied isis in early stages by giving them supply drops of amunitions and there are videos about that in liveleak. why dosnt new york times go cover those ? oh yeah its another muppet media source that only pushes US agenda and its a tool of the elitists that rule in the US

  4. Now if only NY times would go this in depth with biden and hillary……they would find SO much corruption. But nope lets blindly boil it down to "orange man bad"

  5. Great journalism, BUT:
    this video style, so slow and hyperbolic, just takes away from the story. What was said in these 10 minutes could've easily fit in 5, leaving the other 5 minutes for more of the details that were now omitted due to "time constraints"

  6. Look with a little behind the scenes work the Diamond 8 could find itself sinking due to an "accident", if the world powers really wanted that to happen. And of course the investigation into the incident would be so "complete".

  7. This could just be solved by lifting the sanctions on the country. While you're at it also lift the embargo on Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Sanctions don't help the people in any way. It's just a means to bully geopolitical enemies, at the cost of the people who live there. Don't ever support sanctions.

  8. Great story! Now who is going to do something about it? Who that's important will listen and take action? I'm guessing no one, they will deny the facts and it will just go away.

  9. What an extreme waste of time and money. This entire story is just, North Korea needs oil, none of us will let them have it, so this is how they get it. North Korea isnt just Kim Jong Un’s regime. Theres people there too.

  10. Pity the NYT has become hopelessly compromised by activism and overtly biased journalism.
    Biden is fragile, feeble and hopelessly compromised. NYT played a key role in his acension. NK have launched a ballistic missile within 12 weeks of 'his' administration. If they'd reported this whilst Trump was POTUS something would have been done. But they couldn't afford to give Trump a win or acknowledge his actions positively….so a great investigation is wasted.
    China and NK will be buckwild fir next 4years.
    Biden is embarrassingly bumbling. No press conference for 3 months and not calling Fox for fear of crumbling under a single question? Will that make China or NK respect the US? Shameful journalists and media in US are hurting all of us….

  11. The UN knows about all of this so the USA knows this as well this is one way governments get rich it's not their pay America's leaders don't bother trying to hide how corrupt they really are

  12. Oh…so the NYT is capable of doing investigative journalism after all. Why does it then only issue insincere partisan propaganda in the US working the hardest at dividing the nation with spin, loaded questions for propaganda effect and politically selective coverage?

  13. Pretty interesting story/trail. I wouldn't bet 10 cents that the USA doesn't send them stuff too. I would be willing to bet there are some pretty high executives in the US that are a part of this scheme. I would imagine that NK is paying a handsome premium for the oil.

  14. I can't believe I watched and liked an article from the NY Times. Good journalism is good journalism, and I feel this is well-researched. It sure would be nice if the rest of the content from their newspaper was up to the standards of this video. I'd subscribe in a heartbeat.

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