Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Rockets' 20-game losing streak | First Take

Stephen A.'s thoughts on the Rockets' 20-game losing streak | First Take

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Stephen A.’s thoughts on the Rockets’ 20-game losing streak | First Take
Stephen A. Smith says James Harden’s exit from the Rockets hit the team harder than GM Daryl Morey leaving amid Houston’s 20-game losing streak under head coach Stephen Silas.
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0:00 Stephen A. Smith explains why he thinks James Harden’s exit hit the Rockets hard.
1:00 Stephen A. breaks down Stephen Silas’ hardships in Houston.
3:00 Stephen A. compares Silas’ situation with Steve Nash’s situation with the Brooklyn Nets.

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  1. 0:00​ Stephen A. Smith explains why he thinks James Harden's exit hit the Rockets hard.

    1:00​ Stephen A. breaks down Stephen Silas' hardships in Houston.

    3:00​ Stephen A. compares Silas' situation with Steve Nash's situation with the Brooklyn Nets.

  2. What does Steve Nash have to do with the Rockets’ 20-game losing streak? We get it – some teams have a better roster and better managed than other. However, no way any team should lose 20 games in a row if you are truly a good coach as they say you are.

  3. So what’s the racial issue now that the Nets beat Portland with no KD and no Durant? You mean to tell me Silas can’t get 1 win in 20 games with that houston roster because he was set up to fail? Cmon now.

  4. Silas isnt a 2x mvp and one of the greatest pg to ever play the game plus kyrie and kd wanted nash on the nets id rather take someone who played at the highest level for 20 years than someone who was an assistant for 20 years

  5. Stephen A. clearly is a racist. He's always bringing up racism. And he is always attacking white coaches such as Steve Nash and Brad Stevens. You can elevate a person without putting down another. Just focus on the positive. Always choose love over hate. Be happy for one's success and be kind to those in defeat. Stop racism. All lives matter.

  6. If to take out the Nash comparison. Everything thing Steven A is talking looks like he’s telling the truth. Just name me one Black coach that never coached in his life and got a head coaching job with 3 superstars ready and hungry to win a chip. It’s alway rebuild this and filler spot that. I don’t even like Steven A like that but it hard to disregard things like this that keep happening in sports.

  7. No hate for Steve he's doing a fantastic job but if you don't have the players or organization structure you're set up for failure like Silas. You can't even fairly judge if he's a good coach because his team is trash

  8. If I had the option to hire a nba hall of fame player to coach my players over a certified coach with no experience …….i mean I take my chances on the hall of famer regardless the race lmao this guy putting houston back on the map lol

  9. A agree with Stephen A, but at the same time, Stephen A was on this show cheering for the Nets to pull off a trade to get Harden. Now the black coach is left with scraps and the white coach has a super team. Blame yourself Stephen A.

  10. If a guy with no experience came into your job and was handed the best leadership position in your industry after you had already sacrificed and committed to the grind for 20+ years, how would you feel? Now imagine your job just got way worse because your company decided to give away the most talented employee you have to the same company that also hired the unqualified rookie leader. It's really not that complicated. The same could be said for Steve Kerr walking into one of the best jobs in the league after capitalizing on Mark Jackson's hard work and player development. How special does Steve Kerr seem now? The same will probably be said for Nash eventually, but we will see.

  11. Why is everything about race? Please stop. Steve nash was a consultant and shooting COACH with the warriors… Not to mention a hall of famer and basketball mastermind. He was their flashy pick that the nets wanted. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin… Koudos to silas for getting the job and grinding hard but who's ever heard of him before.


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