25 Conspiracy Theories That Actually Ended Up Being True

25 Conspiracy Theories That Actually Ended Up Being True

We’ve all had friends and family that are really into the conspiracy stuff. You know, the ones that send you emails with blazing red headlines proclaiming how …


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  1. Please release the cctv tapes surrounding the cruise missile…I mean jet liner crashing into the pentagon…..where did the 4.3 trillion go…ermmmm the records are now destroyed…..mmmmmmmm

  2. Let’s not get conspiracy realists mixed up with conspiracy theorists. I’m a realist, I believe in evidence to support a story. Theorists don’t, they believe in anything. I hate the word conspiracy because it’s associated with nut jobs.

  3. I'll always remember what Mel Gibson said when interviewed for the 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory. "that's all humans have done all through history……. conspire against one another" Oh! And #10. I think Trump is that dictator business men are trying to use to overthrow the government. From the future in 2019.

  4. What the fuck man, do you know anything about what had happened in the whole world in the past century, every fact that you are talking here is just about US….. What about the important truth or fact that had happened all over the world…..

  5. These were all the real obvious ones that mostly everyone already knows about. And you mentioned very little evidence. This video could have been much better. (Domestic Terrorist attack’s planned by the government… talk about 911 or all the random bombings we had all around the time they were pushing hard to take our guns.)
    Don’t play it so safe by talking about the cookie cutter stuff.
    This felt like a 9 minute video that took 10 minutes to make.

  6. First off I want to say I love this channel and watch it everyday before I log into work. Now comes the rest… As for as WWE being scripted I stopped watch all wrestling because of that fact when I was about 17. Now as for as #1 on the list… The military is not trying to impose martial law, the incident that is recorded as doing so was an experiment to see what would happen to this Country if there was no Declaration of Independence. I know for a fact every branch of the US military is always protecting our rights and following the Declaration to the letter. I had and still have a member fight every war for this Country since the Revolutionary war. I know my whole family feels strongly for the rights we have and couldn't live in this Country if those rights were ever taken away. I am proud and thank every military member for the sacrifice every member was willing to fulfill to protect me and the rights we have… Remember everyone… Once two people were willing to die for us Yeshua ( who most call Jesus) who has dies for us and the American Military which some like my uncle has died for us. My eyes get so full of tears when I go with my husband to the VA because I see the sacrifice those men and women did for us.

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