25 Crazy Things You’ll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts

25 Crazy Things You’ll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts

If you read 25 Facts About Walmart That Show How Big It Really Is then you are probably aware of the fact that you can find Walmarts pretty much everywhere, including China. Not surprising, the Walmarts in China are not like most Walmarts around the world…not at all. Today, we are going to show you a form of “cultural shock” wrapped in a big box retailer. You think that Walmarts in the U.S. offer pretty much everything right? Well, after taking a look at Chinese Walmarts, you will see how terribly misguided this belief is. From live frogs and frozen crocodiles to powdered horse milk and diet water, check out these 25 Crazy Things You’ll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts.

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Have you ever seen this at your neighborhood Walmart?

Plentiful assortment of animal eggs
Pig Faces
Diet water
Frozen crocodiles
Snickers packed with batteries
Cooking oil packed with orange juice
Cucumber flavored Lays
Live frogs
Live turtles
Live frogs mixed with live turtles
Shark heads
Giant containers with rice
Dried squids
Fox meat (sometimes sold as donkey meat)
Meat floss donuts
Chicken feet
Bins of sausages (not even refrigerated)
Miniature watermelons
Fat guy underwear
Powdered horse milk
Assorted dried reptile parts
Meat water
Deception of sheep offal
Live sea food
Beef granules packed like sweets

Featured and thumbnail image by Daniel Ng via Flickr CC2.0 – https://www.flickr.com/photos/galaygobi/114527025


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  1. Some of what he mentioned in this video is illegal to sell in china no matter in store or private trade . And package even not in Chinese which it’s impossible to be sold in china . So where these information come from ? Can’t believed such video still existed lol

  2. This can be a joke to you but some viewers can find this offensive. I really want to send you to China and make you live there for a month. Maybe you can visit a Chinese Walmart to see if these things are there.

  3. Live seafood? You guys are aware that you can find that in American Wal-Marts, too, right? Evidently not. Hell, that's even in supermarkets everywhere

  4. YouTube really needs to come up with some stricter regulations with regard to video title vs content, because videos with horribly deceptive (often flat-out bullshit) titles are a massive fu@$ing pile of bullshit. I should have the option of REMOVING my view from the total view-count when such nonsense is what I end up watching. I can down-vote, sure, but the view is still counted and that's all these shit-heads actually want to get from us anyway.

  5. Thanks, the Walmart in Changsha opened a year after we were there. But the Chinese grocery store had interesting items, like anything meaty died on a stick, with all its limbs and head attached, duck, goose, fish, etc. and the smell. I’ll never forget the smell

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