25 CREEPY Urban Legends You’ll Hope Aren’t True

25 CREEPY Urban Legends You’ll Hope Aren’t True

Have you heard the latest creepy urban legends? These stories are scarier than most horror movies out there. Can you handle the horrors found in these legends? Check out our list and find out! These are 25 creepy urban legends you’ll hope aren’t true.

Are urban legends based on true events? Many claim they are. But after you read the urban legends found in today’s list, you’re going to wish these people are wrong. Check out some of the scariest urban legends (and our photo credits and sources) and don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know which of these urban legends you think is based on real events:


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Have you heard the urban legend of the Night Marchers? This scary story tells the tale of cursed Hawaiian warriors that are doomed to march in a straight line. Anyone that comes across them, could end up losing their lives! Then there’s the story of the devil’s chair. Supposedly, this chair is found at a Florida gravesite and it’s said to have weird supernatural associations. Speaking of the supernatural, Pocatello High School in Idaho apparently caught a ghost on camera. This being could turn lights on and off as it walked down the school halls. If you think these stories are scary, wait until you hear about the ants found in a boy’s brain, the Dead Man’s trail, the clown statue, and more. Check out these 25 creepy urban legends you’ll hope aren’t true.

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“Lost In The Forest” by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Production


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  1. Fun fact about number 14. The RR crossing where the crash happened and the crossing where your car gets pushed are two different locations. Same town but two different RR crossings.

  2. The Devil’s Chair is near where I grew up. I went to that cemetary in Cassadaga when I was 16 and saw it. We didn’t dare sit in it bc the rumors were taken as fact. I’m sure some did sit in it because so many storied bounced around and scared the crap out of us. But being teens, we had to check it out.

  3. # 24 was the storyline for the movie " when a stranger calls " the original….the remake and #2 was trash and so off base from the original. i saw the movie and this scene in the commercial/movie literally scared my skin off my bones. i was a 22 yr old single mom and my daughter was about one. i had to change the station when it came on. and it only played late at night.. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVAx84hpo-c

  4. # 18 1 of my grade school teachers told me that 1 cos i went through a dysfunctional time in my life where i didnt bathe or wash my hair or body.( due to home abuse) and said the same would happen to me too.

  5. You got 21 wrong. What I always heard is that the girls roommate was always bringing guys home to have sex, so she would leave the lights off and put in her headphones so she wouldn't hear them. She came home late one night to the lights out and hearing heavy breathing. She puts in her headphones, quickly pits on her pj's in the dark & lays down. She keeps hearing noises so she turns her music up louder to drown it out. Then in the morning wakes up to see her roommate murdered and the "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?" Written in blood above her bed…

  6. I seen a movie where a girl was babysitting. She put the child to bed, exact same thing happened with the clown down to the call to the parents. So, I'm wondering if this is where the story came from or could be the other way around. Does anyone know for sure?

  7. I just want to say i'm from San Antonio, and the ghost tracks really are true and it is great to see the baby powder covered vehicles that are obviously tourists around Halloween. The thing about it is they're technically pushing you UP the hill. Just whatever you do don't go there sick or scared because supposedly if you do ,your weak will will allow them to to influence you

  8. The alt story of the clown statue is that the cops came and when the parents came home shortly after they found out the mother had dementia and there was a clown statue

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