25 Dumbest Criminals and How They Got Caught

25 Dumbest Criminals and How They Got Caught

There’s no doubt that criminal history can demonstrate some of the most audacious and daring crimes. Some well-thought-out schemes have left authorities and police officers around the world shaking their heads.

Many criminals have seemed to literally disappear off the face of the earth while sought by law enforcement agencies. Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin provide a notorious example; they successfully escaped from Alcatraz on June 11, 1962.

Then again, there are some criminals who leave us shaking our heads; not for the same reason, though. The following list of the 25 Dumbest Criminals and How They Got Caught will give you a taste of these notorious fails.

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  1. We had an inmate here a couple Halloween’s ago. He had 18 months on his sentence left. He return from his inmate job working on a road crew.. and escaped through BARBED wire fence, stole a pizza delivery car, and got caught not more than thirty minutes later. This is my daughters favorite story because my husband (her dad) is serving 40 years, and this dude only had 18 months to go. Of course now… he has a lot longer.

  2. A thief crawled in through the doggie door late one night at friends house, two 80 lb dogs chased him back out followed by a naked veteran with a large gun. Police arrived and overreacted to a naked man with a gun, thief escaped. Detective found thief’s wallet just inside the doggie door, he only lived 2 streets over. He was in jail before sunrise.

  3. I used to live below a guy who would get high and strip. Then he would walk into a place and pick up their belongings. He truely believed he was invisible if he was naked. He got beat up and did alot of time in jail. Again and again for over 17 years. Then I moved

  4. Heard about a guy who robbed a bank after shaving his head and stripping naked. He was caught almost immediately. He said he thought it was a good plan since witnesses always describe the clothes and hair of the criminal.

  5. #1: Fannie Walkiz

    Maid turned criminal Fannie Walkiz robbed a grocery store in Germany in 1936 so she could get food for herself without paying a lot of money. During the robbery she killed a cashier named Johnhans Ohmeir VII. While running away she forgot one detail- she forgot to steal milk. She went back to get the milk, only to be scared. She dropped the milk, causing it to spill. She slipped in the milk, causing her to brake her pelvis. She was arrested after being discharged from the hospital.

  6. A guy just robbed a house as he was leaving he notice a cop car he hid and waited for the cop to leave but he didn't leave after 20 minutes he walked up to the cop car and gave himself up and told what he did he was arrested the think is the cop wasn't looking for him he was just on a break

  7. I heard about a guy who held up a bank and then went across the street to McDonald's to get some lunch, and the cops caught him sitting there eating a Big Mac that he had bought with the stolen money !!!

  8. MacArthur Wheeler is the inspiration into research into what is now known as the Dunning-Kruger effect, a cognitive bias. Basically it causes people to overestimate their intelligence, or to be a little more blunt, it causes stupid people to think they're smart.

  9. Here's one for you. Officers with the Lakeview Police Department arrested a man after he left an El Lago restaurant without paying his tab.
    According to a police report, an employee at Gabacho's Mexican Restaurant in the 4400 block of NASA Parkway called police to report the theft 

    When officers responded, they learned that the man was seen walking toward a vacant building on the other side of the road after leaving the restaurant.
    Police checked the area and found an open door in the back of the building. An officer went inside and called out, "Marco."
    The man's name was not Marco, detective Tim Dohr said. Instead, "the officer was trying to inject some humor into the situation."

    Police found the suspect after he responded, "Polo."
    The restaurant manager declined to press charges for the theft.

  10. I remember one from a few years back, a guy goes into a convenience store to rob it with a knife. He cuts the line to do so, standing in the line is a cop, in uniform.

  11. I work at a grocery store. A lady ran out with a cart full of groceries. When i got out there she was chucking them in the back of a U-Haul. I yelled for her to stop 3 times and said okay, Ill just call the cops. She took off and left half a cart of groceries……and her purse……It was great.

  12. re: #16: Reminds me of a story that took place in the early 1970's in Texas. A nurse had her pet cat die the night before, and put it in a bag to take to animal control for disposal. On the way, she stopped at the post office to buy some stamps. While there, a thief broke into her car and stole the dead cat in a bag. Later on the same day, she was outside a restaurant. When she went in, there was the thief lying on the floor with the dead cat in a bag on the table along with some other stolen stuff. The nurse didn't tell the EMTs there was a dead cat in the bag as they took the thief away, but made sure they took the bag with them.

  13. In the 90's my car was parked outside a workingman's club – type of pub in Britain. Some little bastard had tried stealing it. He failed to remove the steering wheel lock. He left a watch behind, plus his fingerprints. At his trial his excuse was he did not remember being in the area and did not know how his finger prints ended up inside my car. I gave a witness statement to the police and mentioned the watch should be good evidence, to be asked "what watch?" A policeman had stolen it from the evidence locker.

  14. Two guys go to rob an auto parts store. The clerk told them there was no cash because the manager had not arrived yet. The two morons gave the clerk their phone numbers so the clerk can call when the manager gets in. SMH

  15. Around 1976, a car thief broke into my friend's car and tried to hotwire it. He had a hard time doing it, and we saw him in the car when we came out of a show to drive home. We yelled and he ran. But, as he was big and had a hard time getting below the dash, he emptied his back pocket to get more comfortable. He left his walled on the seat of the car he coudn't start. To make the cops' jobs even easier, his parole papers were in the wallet.

  16. There is someone I've heard got stuck trying to break into a house through a dog door. Firemen had to chop him out. Another person I've heard of tried to break into a convenience store by throwing a cinder block at the window. Little did he know that the window in question was made of Plexiglass. the cinder block bounced back and hit him square on the head, knocking him out.

  17. A guy who tried robbing a place only to be literally stopped by the push/pull method of opening doors. He literally could not figure our CV that he was trying the wrong way to open the door. When the cops showed up he realized his stupidity and tried making a mad dash of incendiary again, but by then it was too late.