25 Earth Shattering Facts About Gravity

25 Earth Shattering Facts About Gravity

Gravity is one of the greatest mysteries in science. How does it work? Although we know it exists and can see its effects science has a hard time explaining the exact mechanism. At first we thought we understood it. At least after Newton formulated his laws and we believed we had the universe figured out. But then Einstein came along and completely changed our view of the cosmos and of physics. Since then we have discovered some crazy things about quantum mechanics and how the world works on a microscopic level. Unfortunately, while Newtonian models do a good job of describing things like gravity between large objects, they don’t do very well describing forces between atoms. And while Einstein’s theory of relativity gives us insight into the microscopic world of the molecule, it doesn’t really do a good job in other areas. So it seems that we have several ways of describing the same thing but no real understanding of why or how it works. Over time, numerous theories have been put forth, and most of them have been found lacking. So, although we cannot fully describe it, gravity causes some crazy things to happen. It’s not as simple as just pulling things towards each other. Did you know that gravity affects time? These are 25 Earth shattering facts about gravity!

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Because of gravity, humans get the urge to pee when their bladder is about 1/3 full

In space, astronauts don’t have the urge to pee until their bladder is basically exploding

Einsteins most revolutionary equation wasn’t e=mc2 (unless you are designing nuclear bombs). His most important equation was G = 8 π T, which basically stated that space-time is curved and not flat

Humans could successfully colonize and live on planets with up to 3 times the gravity of Earth. At 4 times the gravity, however, blood flow to the brain would be impaired

Earth’s gravitational pull makes it impossible for mountains to be taller than 15km (in theory)

There are regions in space where gravity between the Sun and Earth (or any other two objects) interact to create something called Lagrangian points. Other objects can orbit around these points as if there were something there.

Birds cannot be taken into space because they require gravity to swallow

During the final Apollo 15 moonwalk, David Scott dropped both a feather and a hammer to confirm Galileo’s theory that objects fall at the same speed regardless of their mass (on Earth the feather falls more slowly only because of air resistance)

Jupiter is sometimes referred to as a failed star because although it had enough mass to pull in a significant amount of gas, it didn’t gain enough to start fusion

Jupiter’s gravity will eventually either push Mercury out of the Solar System or send it crashing into the Sun

And more…

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  1. Those seeking truth on Flat Earth, my channels playlist Most Astounding, video called, (REAL EYE'S REALIZE REAL LIE'S)You will be left Astounded….

  2. Gravity is a mythical concept that's mentally applied by Newton, solely to guarantee results to it's point of origin, the BRAIN !

    If GAS BONDING is a FACT, Einstein's Space Bending and Newton's Gravity/Black Holes are not .

    All downward falling motion, including Newton's Gravity apple, starts when active gas molecules becomes trapped and motionless within the process of making solid objects, scientificly known as the mechanism of GAS BONDING, which take on a state of solid mass, blocking out its electrons motion, it's fire power, thus becomes ENERGY LOCK lifeless gas molecules, and falls downward in real time, fallowing it's Electrons Unlimited Potential Velocity, at the speed of light, connects with the earth ENERGY CONSERVATION SYSTEM, establishing a downward falling path, for trapped lifeless gas molecules/solid objects only.

    Equating the above FACT with the physical universe, same as Einstein's E = MC2 equates with the physical universe.

    E = ENERGY = MM = MOLECULE MOTION = Molecules in motion within star flames earth gases birds and balloons plains and rocket's, even us humans rise from molecules in motion, creating an ENERGY FLOW, the ruling force of the universe.

    M = MASS = GB = GAS BONDING = Gas Bonding take on a state of solid mass, blocking out its electrons motion, it's fire power, thus becomes ENERGY LOCK lifeless gas molecules, and falls downward in real time.

    C2 = LIGHT SPEED = E = ELECTRONS = Electrons Unlimited Potential Velocity, at the speed of light, connects with the earth ENERGY CONSERVATION SYSTEM, establishing a downward falling path, for trapped lifeless gas molecules/solid objects only.

    Free flowing active gas molecules when trapped falls downward from making solid objects

  3. For all people saying evolution or gravity is just a theory, here's how theory works.

    1. You see something happening over and over again, called a FACT.
    e.g. when geologists found multiple fossils of many species with slightly varying characteristics every few millions of years. Or when you see things falling down on earth, or planets orbiting around stars.

    2. You propose HYPOTHESIS, which explains the aforementioned FACTS. You can have as many hypothesis as you want.
    e.g. God is pulling things in a certain way, God designed a species and changed its characteristics every few million years just for fun, objects attract other objects, species can evolve given enough time, and many more.

    3. After considering all HYPOTHESIS, you collect more and more evidence to test it, then publish it so that other scientists can point out flaws, if any, in it.

    4. After repeating previous step over and over again for each hypothesis, the hypothesis which is still true is called a THEORY.
    5. If a theory can be formulated into some kind of mathematical statement, it becomes LAW.
    Hence, we had law of gravity before theory of gravity because we can see objects interacting in a certain way and formed a mathematical statement but didn't know how until later when Einstein explained it.
    But we don't have law of evolution, because evolution doesn't formulate into any mathematical formula.

  4. Momentum is mass times velocity. I think I might have figured out during a physics class I was taking that changes in magnetic field propagate at the speed of light squared, not the speed of light as it seems it is common to think. If energy were a momentum equation of the mass of Hawking radiation moving in a certain direction at the speed of light squared that seems like it would fit with E=m(c^2). And in that case, the energy would actually be equal to the momentum. Modeling gravity makes sense to treat as a pulling force because where we are in the universe the propagation of it is evenly distributed in all directions. When in fact, I think it might be a pushing force due to Hawking radiation emitted at the speed of light squared from the center of black holes throughout the universe. Where else could speeds of light squared be generated other than in the center of a black hole? …sum of masses in direction of Hawking radiation emitting from black holes… I think that gravity might propagate at the speed of light squared just as changes in magnetic field lines propagate at the speed of light squared. So if the sun were to suddenly disappear, we would feel the effects before about 8 minutes. We'd still see the light from it for about 8 minutes. But, light's not as fast as gravity change propagation, or magnetic field change propagation…Can you slow Hawking radiation down? Does it's mass proportionally decrease with it's speed? Does it need an enormous amount of mass to pass through before it gives up it's mass to those masses and slows to zero, like say a black hole's amount of mass?…

  5. I'm pretty sure if we are subjected to 4x or more gravity, we will learn to adapt to that environment. Maybe if the increase is gradual enough. Or we all become midgets in the process.

  6. Gravity doesn't exist. What we call gravity is an effect not a force. Something that happens, not something. Thinking of it as a force is like seeing something rolling down a hill and calling that motion "hill". Newton defined it as a force and we still cling to that even though Einstein pointed us in the right direction. And let's just think about Newton for a minute: you have a ball resting on the palm of your hand. You turn your hand over. It falls. Newton says "Wow, did you see that? Something just pulled that ball out of your hand!" If Aristotle's theory was ridiculous in comparison it wasn't by any great degree. The idea that objects are attracted because they have an affinity is actually kind of elegant by comparison. The only mystery here is why we keep saying 'Boy that Einstein was a genius! Anyway, as I was saying about Newton…"

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