25 Most UNBELIEVABLY Evil Empires In History

25 Most UNBELIEVABLY Evil Empires In History

History is full of evil empires. In fact, you could argue that there are still evil “empires” around. The good news is that some empires have changed for the better. Check out these 25 most unbelievably evil empires in history.

There are many things that set an empire apart as being evil. These range from the way the empire treats its people to the way they treat other empires. Depending on who you ask you could probably make an argument for villainizing all empires. But which were the evilest? Check out these evil empires (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you think that these empires are evil.


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You might be able to argue that to some degree, all empires are evil. It’s almost like they have to be. However, some empires were/are eviler than others. Take Mongolian empire for example. Under Genghis Khan this empire was responsible for the deaths of around 30 million people. Then there’s the Neo-Assyrian empire which ruled over Mesopotamia and Egypt. They were known for selling, dismembering, and decapitating people they’d conquered. And then there’s the Macedonian Empire. Though Alexander the Great was one if not the greatest military ruler, he is not guiltless of countless atrocities which include burning cities to the ground, slaughtering thousands of innocent people, and crucifying many. These are 25 most unbelievably evil empires in history.

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  1. Your "facts" about the Confederates are incorrect because the Union side are the ones who were fighting to KEEP slaves. The left wing has literally always fought for dominion over other people while the right wing has fought for equality. Look up Milo Yiannopoulos. If that won't change your mind, also look up Candace Owens. General Lee only kept his slaves for a short time and willingly let them go. Research our history.

  2. A country that mistreats its own people, such as North Korea, is an evil regime but is not an empire. An empire is one that conquers and/or annexes other countries and territories.

  3. The confederate wresnt an empire by no stretch of the imagination. And they were strictly democrats w I didn’t want to give o to p their slaves many of which were black plantation owners. Though the first recorded slaves in our history is actually Irish children.

  4. Take the Spanish Empire out. What Colombus did was not in the name of Spain, he even went to jail for that. If the diseases killed the natives that was not foreseen by the Spanish Rulers. Spain did not try to kill Indians as a Empire practice… there is a overwhelming amount of native faces in Hispanic America… just take a look

  5. You can’t really count native people. White people wrote bad things about them and those written things were not true. Natives weren’t “savages”. Whites are just biased.

  6. Honestly, United States should be at the top of the list: Mass Native-American Genocides, Black Slavery, Colonialist Land Grabbing, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Civilian Experimentation, Human Rights violations, Foreign Interventions/Occupations & Political Assassinations, Capitalist Exploitation, Food & Water Poisoning, Vietnam/Cambodia & Iraq Illegal Warfare, Chemtrail Operations, Environmental Devastation, Third World Oppression, Mass Pornography & Sex Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Black Budget Operations, Drone Strikes, …… etceterum ad infinitum

  7. Do you know what an Empire is? I guess not as a number of examples on your list were only tribes that controlled territories. An Empire is a .number if countries that operated under a foreign flag.

  8. Your documentary is 50 percent Accurate and Ignorant of Evil!! I guess it all depends on when EVIL is committed by anyone but OUR OWN ACTIONS!!! Most Empires justify EVIL ACTIONS, only as SELF-DEFENSE!!!!! IT ALL DEPENDS ON = WHO = HAS THE POWER!!! !!!

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