25 Movie Couples Who HATED Each Other In Real Life

25 Movie Couples Who HATED Each Other In Real Life

This may not come as a surprise but there are movie couples who hated each other in real life. What may surprise you however is which movies couples hated each other. On today’s list, we are going to take a look at them. Some of them will totally surprise you! These are 25 movie couples who hated each other in real life.

Some movies show some of the most adorable couples on screen. How sad that some of these onscreen couples, UTTERLY hate each other in real life. Seriously, some of these couples can’t stand to even be near each other. Check out these movie couples who can’t stand each other (and our sources and photo credits) and let us know which of these couples you think should just kiss and make up (they should at least do it for the fans right?):


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Who’s your favorite on screen couple? Do they seem like the perfect couple? Well, chances are they probably hate each other (sorry to burst your bubble). Take Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis on “Some Like It Hot”. You would think these two were at least friendly with each other…but that would be completely wrong. How about Jennifer Anniston and Jay Mohr on “Picture Perfect”. They looked perfect on screen, but off-screen was a whole different story. Here’s one you might find hard to believe: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from the “X-files”, there were times where they hate each other. And these aren’t even the most shocking couples! Just wait til’ you see the rest of the list! These are 25 movie couples who hated each other in real life.

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  1. Honestly, I'm glad these actors didn't get along in real life… that's what ACTING is about…faking it. I get annoyed by all the bed hopping in Hollyweird because the chemistry isn't acting, it is real.

  2. Suggestion Box:
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    -25 worst cases of cannibalism.
    -25 longest prison sentences served (and released).
    -25 times video games drove people insane.
    -25 most disturbing cases of parasitic infestation (in humans).

  3. Woody Allen and Mia Farrow never married and Soon Yi was NOT his step-daughter. In fact they barely saw each other during the course of Allen and Farrow's relationship. There was nothing nefarious about their relationship.

  4. LEO and CLAIRE isn't correct.  I recall reading about them being at parties together, and she remarking how crazy it was when 'Leo would decide to go talk to somebody on the other side of the room, and EVERYBODY would follow him over there!', in regards to how hot he was for a period of time back then.  They WERE and probably still are good friends, but probably don't see each other often. I agree back then he was TOO CUTE for her in the movie.  He was too pretty back then, but is doing what other white guys do, get sun on his face and smoke and drink. Problem is, they overdo it and look wrinkled and too bad after a while!

  5. Mia Farrow & Woody Allen were never married, & never lived together. Soon-Yi Previn was not his step-daughter. She told Vanity Fair that Frank Sinatra was "possibly" her son Ronan's father – 21 years after learning about Allen & Soon-Yi.

  6. Debra Winger hate the script where the movie show her that she didn't have her own identity. Her life rely on a man. A lot of women hated that. It had nothing to do with Richard Gere. It was the role. Why should women be second class citizen and rely on a man to identify her. If you look at the interviews she stated it.

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