25 Of The Craziest Historical Coincidences You’ve Ever Heard

25 Of The Craziest Historical Coincidences You’ve Ever Heard

Before we get started, these coincidences are not necessarily historically accurate. Their absurdity lends itself to storytelling and exaggeration even if the original story was very much true. In fact, you could even get well reputed historians to argue about the details in many of these cases. But keep in mind, this list isn’t about what actually happened. It’s about what people say actually happened (isn’t all of history anecdotal? Something to think about…). And that can be hard to separate sometimes (just consider how often you’ve disagreed with your friends about things you had all seen with your own two eyes!) But we digress, these are 25 of the of the craziest historical coincidences you’ve ever heard!

25 Of The Craziest Historical Coincidences You’ve Ever Heard | List25

The Blockade Bummer – Hey, wait a minute…that looks like us.
Sister Act – Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
Like father, like son – Dam that’s coincidental.
Squanto and his perfect English – You guys already speak English? What a coincidence!
Ghost Pre-Con – Coincidentally, there are other video games I would’ve wanted to come true.
Lightning never strikes twice…or something like that – He had an attractive personality.
Seriously Joe? Stop walking under that window! – JOE! STAHP!
The Unsinkable Hugh Williams – I should name my first-born Hugh Williams.
Third time’s a charm? – If at first you don’t succeed…
The unfortunate inventor – Please stop inventing things. For the good of mankind.
The Jim twins – “Hi, my name’s Jim. And you are…” “Also Jim.”
Family drama – Let bygones be bygones.
King Umberto’s double – The Prince (technically king) and the Pauper
The ultimate survivor – And he probably never traveled again.
What? – I would’ve gone with Helluva-Good Burger (Oh…that’s taken too?)
Titanic, the prequel – And no, not the history of Jack or Rose before they boarded.
The Lone Gunmen – I wonder what went through the minds of all those involved on the show.
Curse of Tamarlane – This historical coincidence reminds us why we should not open tombs!
November 9th – Remember remember the 9th of November…wait, that’s not how it goes.
Violet Jessop – And she probably never set foot on another boat.
Lincoln/Kennedy – I wonder if Linkin Park and The Dead Kennedys have this much in common.
A revolutionary neighborhood – Did they ever run into one another?
Mark Twain – What cool event happened on the day you were born?
Adams & Jefferson – The original frenemies?
How a Syrian immigrant led to the creation of iPhones – I never met my birth father either, Steve. Coincidence…?

Want more? Check out the History Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTklYgcuVsY&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHjIKJXoGeKXAu7LHKcrrSQV

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25 Historical Coincidences That Are Almost Hard To Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EIZE9mt2eo&index=67&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHjIKJXoGeKXAu7LHKcrrSQV
25 Chilling Coincidences You Won’t Believe Are Real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDw-2HddwZI&index=92&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHjIKJXoGeKXAu7LHKcrrSQV

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  2. The one about Lincoln and Kennedy blew me away with the fact that it's accurate and confirmed. My oldest brother told me about that just this past January. Now one of the questions that is brought to my mind with Andrew and Linden Johnsons, is "Was Andrew possibly Linden's grandfather?" another question is since Linden's mistress came out into the open saying that Linden hated Kennedy and had the most to gain by Kennedy's death and arranged it, "Is it possible that Andrew Johnson arranged Lincoln's death due to like Linden, having the most to gain?"

  3. What about this: Epic Games, headquartered in Cary, NC, made a famous video game called Fortnite. Coincidentally, Fortnight Brewery, which makes Fortnight beer, is also headquartered in Cary, NC. Coincidentally, my uncle worked for Red Storm, headquartered about 20 minutes away from Epic in Morrisville, on Ghost Recon and for Epic on Fortnite.

  4. As far as I can learn, that ep of TLG was not re-aired again, at least before cancellation. I remember watching it, and feeling very uncomfortable, wondering how long it would take someone to figure out how to do this for real. Later, when people started saying no one could have imagined using an airliner as a weapon, I got pyst every single time it got said. "Moron! There's a script writer out there that sure did!" (edited for typo correction)

  5. Enjoy your content though after every video I realize that's 10 minutes I will never get back lol. Seriously I can't imagine the time you put into research and I am the one who benefits. Keep up the good work!

  6. This isn't really a coincidence but I have a rare eye condition called LCA last year I had an eye Sergey I was the 13th pashint
    The first person in the US to have the Sergey And the first child

  7. You're wrong! Lincoln became president in March of 1861 and Kennedy in January of 1961. Presidential elections are in multiple of 4 years and take office in multiple of 4 plus 1 years. How about doing a list of the top 25 things you're wrong about.

  8. This video would probably be a few minutes shorter had you just split the list into “historically accurate” and “anecdotal”… “These coincidences are all historically accurate. Number 25: … Now these last coincidences are anecdotal. Number 12:…”

  9. How’s this for coincidence,many years ago I had to do community service.I met a guy with the exact birthday and. the same year ,month and name as myself,we did the same work,and finished our service on the same day,mental,

  10. There's nothing anecdotal about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson dying on the same day. It happened. What is amazing about it is the astonishing coincidence: 56 people signed the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. Two of them went on to become the 2nd and 3rd Presidents of the US, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. That the only signatories to become President died on the same day is pretty darn special. When that day just happens to be the 50th anniversary of their signing, July 4, 1826, it's time to ring the Liberty Bell several times!

  11. CFCs did not create the hole in the ozone, we didn't know of any hole until the 1940s we didn't have the technology till then and it was a surprise. It may have always existed we really have no idea.

  12. 10:00 that's the yr my grandmother was born. Other family members remember her weeping & being frightened by something so much that she'd wake & cry until sunrise many nights. So to now know that some evil individuals were in an unknown collective at that time, though they didn't know one another is simply uncanny. Especially, after the Hitler prophecy. The name of the guy that died before Hitler's rise, escapes me at the moment but his prophecy/warning was basically, if you open my tomb you will release an evil far worse than me. The warning was ignored & Germany came into the ruthless, vicious, heartless & evil Adolf Hitler not long after. [Idk if he's brought this up in one of his entries on this video bcz I'm half watching & listening bcz I can't stand silence & white noise.] But even when she got older she used to freak out badly by the mere mention of Adolf's name. It would start out as a confused & unsettling questioning to whomever said it & would aggressively progress. "Why'd you say that? That name? Why'd you say that name?! That evil evil monster's name?! WHY'D YOU SAY IT?!". I didn't believe it at 1st bcz it just seemed unrealistic & too far fetched. But she progressively started losing sight, hearing, strength, & mobility so my mom, sister, & I moved in with her to help take care of her. I was doing homework in the den outside & I suffered a stroke when I was very young which altered my vision & understanding so I had to read aloud to be able to understand &retain what I was reading. Oddly enough I was working on my social studies paper & one of the subjects I had to study was old Adolf himself. Keep in mind that she can barely hear & I was outside of her room & not in the room with her. I was interrupted by her going into the exact same frenzie my great aunts & uncles once told me about yrs before. I hear, "Who said that?" Being that she was also going through dementia, I chucked it up to that being the reason she said that. But she progressively got more aggressive & loud with her questioning. "Why would you say that name? You know I hate that monster's name?! WHO SAID IT?! WHY'D YOU SAY THAT NAME?! WHY?!". It was terrifying. But I felt I had to answer her out of respect to her. When she asked me why again, AT THIS TIME I'M IN HER ROOM WITH HER, she could barely hear my answer which stuck me as even more bizarre. How'd she hear his name perfectly when I was in another room but couldn't hear anything else I said while I was in the room with her? She's been gone for over a decade & a half & I still don't say his name. So when you mentioned his name just now I had that instant flashback. Ironically & even more bizarre, she never reacted the same at the mention of Stalin's name

  13. I have 2 Coincidences
    1 in WW2 when a German sub was in dock a woman was on the sub when the crew came back for another tour one of the crew heard about this he said the sub is cursed and will sink and did not want to go on it the caption understood what he said and told him he can stay in port the sub went out and sunk
    2 how about the Tecumseh curse 1840 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 every president died in office but in 1980 president Regan broke the curse and in 2000 there was an assassination attempt on Bush

  14. Surprised that Wilmer McLean isn't on here.

    He lived in Manassas where the first major battle of the civil war took place. Trying to escape the war, he moved to Appomattox Virginia. 4 years later, the battle of Spotsylvania took place, leading to Lee's defeat and surrender, in which the signing of the surrender papers took place in the living room of McLean's house where he prock as iced the war started his front yard and ended in his front room.

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