25 Old Wives Tales that Are Actually True

25 Old Wives Tales that Are Actually True

Have you found any of those old wives’ tales your grandmother used to tell you to be true? Obviously, most old wives’ tales are just tales. Money spiders don’t …


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  1. How about that, carrots have something with the word carrot in it.

    You don't want an unhappy wife.

    Well you'd want to stop using your laptop in ways in could effect your sperm.
    "Gain A Child Loose A Tooth". That's true, I knew a woman who 26 kids and was gummy.
    "Clothes Make The Man". Yeah but a well dress asshole is still an asshole.

  2. I totally think there's a correlation with behavior and full moons, esp younger children and elderly. In my experience, some elderly would be difficult/combative during full moon, esp if they were sundowners. But that's just me.

  3. @List25 I also find that honey helps with a sore throat in my coffee or tea. Also I was told that if I didn't eat the crusts of the bread my hair would become curly hahahaha. I have eaten cheese before going to sleep and it has given me some weird dreams .

  4. A stitch in time saves 9. This refers to taking care of a problem right away before it gets worse. In the literal sense if you have a small hole in a garment and you sew it right away you prevent the hole from getting bigger and having to use more stitches

  5. Hey i love all of them Except. One the Clothes make the man. Cause i Married my husband he only ever wears Tshirts and jeans. But i was looking for a working man. A man who works with his hand is very sexy. To me. And lets be honest Grandpa always said " If you find aa man who works with his hands. He will never be out of a job." Thats true

  6. I love cheese and the gender of a baby is only determined by the male remember..X and Y chromosome. Do the research on men eating bananas.

    If so,I'll have a boy . I ear it everyday.

  7. YES, Jesus Christ wants you to be nice to people.. some people are NOT nice to you… So, ignore those people…LOL Jeans and a T-shirt are sexy, IF it's on a tight body.. LOL Kidding…

  8. Most of these are phrases or adages not old wives tales. A mother has a longer labor with a boy is an old wives tale. The others are more adages. For example, red sky at night sailors take warning. etc etc.

  9. The Phrase is Actually This:
    "Red Sky @ Night Sailors⚓⛵Delight", "Red Sky In Morning Sailors⚓⛵Take Warning".

    I grew up on Lake Huron & the Coast Guard was Based in my hometown & this was an adopted phrase.

  10. You don't have to have arthritis to know when the weather is changing trust me I know I have a permanently shattered leg from shooting myself but that's a whole other story. LOL but the reality is just having like a broken bone or metal rods in your leg or metal rods anywhere in your body that can make you feel the weather you may not realize that you know but you do know. You know cuz if I can hurt you hurt more those days and hack if you have any bone pain at all like any accidents or anything like that. I have a terrible back from a car accident and every time it's going to rain I feel it so badly I can't get out of bed for days until the weather has passed. I'm not kidding it's that severe. Although In fairness size 3 shattered bones that I had two bones fuse to my spine and then some other s*** yeah just a lot. Have I mentioned that if I can get hurt I do LOL

  11. I don't think you meant to say honey is not antibacterial I think you meant to say it's not an antibiotic. There is a massive difference between antibiotics as an oral substance and antibacterial properties. For example we ain't meant that you put on a cut is antibacterial antibiotics is like a z-pack. Got it? Just to clear it up

  12. Onions also pull fevers from sick people. My Great Grandmother saved my Mother with this method. My Mother was born in 1945. When she was 9 years old. She caught a serious infection that gave her 105 fever that climbed to 107. My Great Grandmother placed big circular chunks of onions on my Mother both palms and both feet. By morning the onions where bright yellow and my Mother fever broke.
    What these wives tale basically shows that we just need some simple vegetables or fruits remedies for certain ailments.

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