25 Scary Ways The Government Could Be Spying On You

25 Scary Ways The Government Could Be Spying On You

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  1. Ahh.. The amount of research this channel has to do just to put out ONE video! Lol.. I bet after they started gaining legit subs they started thinking "damn.. Why didnt we go with list10 or even list15!? 25!? Really!? Who even came up with that!?" Ahhahaha.. Seriously though having to find 25 "facts" on TOP of having to just come up with a TOPIC.. Dang, just.. Dang

  2. back in the 90's I had a program on my computer that I didn't think was legitimate but since there were no problems with my computer and I wasn't up on what shouldn't be there I left it on there. I later found that it had been released that it was a government spy program. i'm sure they've gotten better since then.

  3. I know that it is just a Hollywood made-up movie, but if you want some proof of the facts from this video, watch the movie "The Net" with Sandra Bullock, it's actually scary on how much information is on the internet and how much we, as humans, not only rely on it, but also take it for granted that it is safe. The United Nations Governments and underground nations have it all at its fingertips in just a few strokes of keys…. oh, how awesomely advanced we all are with our modern life technology!

  4. some of the lists can NOT have a person for me to look at. im more interested in the information.
    the only reason i love america is because we can share information without risk.

  5. People should be very scared of the NSA. Since 9/11, they have had the power to do whatever they like in the name of national security. The NSA says they do it to keep people safe from terrorists but it also lets them get away with spying on innocent Americans.

  6. I love when Hope is in a video. Besides being superbly attractive, she adds so much to the vids she is in. I love her interaction with Mike and Tristan…. Please put her in many more videos.

  7. For the most part if any of these do help catch or prevent terrorism I'm OK with it. If they want to tap into my washing machine at least it'll be clean info…

  8. whilst i don't totally believe all of this. i do think some of it is very feasible!!and i trust no government of any country nor do i trust the U N!! the big brother scenario seems a tad worn out, but i think it is stronger now than ever, and will get worse!! beware the NWO!!! 😉

  9. The government watches youtube to spy on the people that are in these videos. Cameras on the bus aren't for safety, they document the reason a punk gets his face smashed by some old vet. It's a youtube content generator. You can follow me all day long. Why would I give a shit? Wanna read my email? Spy on my thermostat? WTF would you even do with that? Most people aren't being watched. The government is not that efficient, or competent.

  10. Oh crap. Wait. They could be watching this link.
    Why did we click it?! Damn it, umm..
    Wrong number.
    I mean, I meant to click on something else.
    I've been hacked. Yea! That's it. This is not me. I'm like… someone else or something.

  11. Sadly, bad people use these kinds of lists the aide them in keeping under the radar… Kind of a reminder check off list of what not to use or be in the line of sight; sad, but very true.

  12. CIA is Scariest, If they will find you, they can chase you like storm chasers chasing Mothership UFO supercells and tornadoes. They could take you into One of Two MK Ultra programs one is in Texas Killeen, Other is in Los Angeles, and both of them are underground, and it is like being abducted by Aliens, They will torture you to make you suffer for researching human behavior, and also torture and damage your brain to reprogram you for develop Impossible for Human and know used by ghosts supernatural psychic abilities, Like remote Viewing, Telepathy, Telekinesis as you see while you are meeting ghosts from the Alternate Reality called spirit world and other ones. They want to use as a Supernatural weaponized men for fightning the commies, much like a russia soldiers or china ones. Ellen Aktin said that when she was there, some agents wanted to try this impossible trying to make human strong as a ghosts that we see they can move things with their mind, objects are flying everywhere, lights are flickering, and orbs glowing like stars in the universe. Project MK Ultra and StarGate created by CIA are trying this, StarGate is much less painful, in MK Ultra they want to develop paranormal by making you suffer. It is Much like in Fire In The Sky where guy was abducted by aliens and they gived him lobotomy to reprogram him. Being in MK Ultra in much worse than die.

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