25 Things People Did BEFORE CELL PHONES You Won't Believe

25 Things People Did BEFORE CELL PHONES You Won't Believe

If you think hard, maybe you can remember these things that people did before cell phones that you won’t believe. For those of you that can’t remember a time without cell phones, get ready for an education! Before we had Snapchat, Facebook, and tons of apps to entertain us, families everywhere led a completely different life – one filled with human interaction, real time board games, and reading actual paper books. Do you remember what it was like to be a kid without cell phones? Think you’re ready for a glimpse into the past? Then check out these 25 Things People Did Before Cell Phones You Won’t Believe!

Do you remember sitting around the dinner table without your eyes being glued to a small screen? What about following directions on a real map or picking a restaurant to eat at based on word of mouth or a newspaper article? This crazy throwback before cell phones list will have you chuckling and wishing for a simpler time. If any of these situations sound familiar to you then you might be ready to watch this list. Part nostalgia fest and part reminder of a simpler time, this list will have you ready to put your phone in a drawer and kick it like it’s 1999. Make sure to check out ever one of these things people did before cell phones and make sure to leave us a comment with what you think we missed!

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From using actual camera (and carrying all the gear that went with them) to calculating tips manually (remember your mom carrying a portable tip calculator?) this list will hit you right in the heart with it’s blast from the past. Remember walking to an ATM to check your bank balance (and the public humiliation of realizing your account was empty)? What about calling a real yellow taxi or using an answering machine to let you know you missed a call? Pay phones, phone books, being tied up in the corded phone, and reading a magazine at the doctor’s office are all things that we now take for granted that were a huge part of life before cell phones. Sit back, relax, and be prepared to watch this list all the way to the end to see which crazy things made our top 10 things people did before cell phones!

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  1. Going to the video rental store, excited to rent a new movie release. Then being disappointed when all copies are checked out. Fast forward or rewind through movies and music to get to your favorite part.

  2. I was born in 1975 before cell phones and internet, so I got to do the cool things listed. I did watch some great TV, though, like Nickelodeon, which was the best in the 1980s. I'd have gotten really addicted, though, if my parents hadn't gotten me out in the fresh air. TV in the "old days" is like cell phones and internet today.

    I was watching an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on VHS the other day about going to school, and Henrietta Pussycat had a cell phone! It looked strange, though, as the episode was from 1992! It was great how Mr. Rogers kept up with the times!

  3. So. I was driving to Florida from Tennessee. Up in the mountains, the GPS failed. Okay though, there's only one way to go First town I got to, hit a gas station, and couldn't find an actual map at the gas station.

  4. I read, I mean real physical books, lol I also liked to play board games, crochet, and when I was a kid we lived in the country and the nearest neighbor was probably three miles away, and there were huge pastures and hwy fields we played by in. My friends and I would lay across the giant round bales and look at clouds, and make shapes of them. Also there was some woods down a grassy trail and my brother and I would play in them and find creeks and build forts. Man my nieces and nephews are missing out.! We also read books voraciously, C. S. Lewis, and Laura Ingalls, and we would go to the library once a week, mm kids are missing out

  5. My kids are banned from watching tv during the summer months. This forces then to spend their time outside using their imaginations like their dad and I did when we were young. They don't have a tv or computer in their bedrooms. They have flip cell phones only for safety reasons. We have set amounts of time that they are allowed to spend on their tablets playing games, too. We LOVE our family game nights (Clue, Chinese Checkers, Battleship…)! We do all of this because we want their childhoods to be as awesome as ours was.

  6. Still remember the phone numbers of all my old friends parents house from back in the 80s but can't remember someones name 3 minutes after they introduced themselves.

  7. Before cell phones you didn’t have people on demand at your fingertips whenever you wanted. If you wanted to see a friend you had to call and hope they were home or find them at the hangout. You didn’t have all the cartoons or movies ever made on demand all day. While the cell phone has given us “more stuff” it hasn’t really given us “better experiences”. The time spent with friends or watching a movie was magic because you knew once the moment passed you would have to wait a while for the next one.

  8. Everything on smartphones today are caricatures of stuff we used to use.
    The time will come when people don't even recognize the little images of a Camera, Phone, or Envelope that you click on for the Apps to take Pictures, make Phone Calls, or access Email

  9. Yes the phone was a phone before cell phones. I grew up using it as a phone. Usually touch tone phones. HOWEVER a few elderly people were still useing a rotary phone when I was a kid. Like box T.V. sets today pretty much gone but if you walk into the house of an elderly person you might still see 1 in use

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