7 Things That Can Change Your Eye Color

7 Things That Can Change Your Eye Color

Can you change your eye color? No matter whether you have brown or blue eyes, you’ve probably been wondering how you’d look with green eyes, for example. You might assume that the color of your eyes is something you have no control over and that it’s all genetic. But have you ever wondered why your eyes look a bit lighter on a sunny day? Or why the eyes of people who are in a rage seem to go dark all of a sudden?

But very few of us know that there are a number of factors including food and emotions that can change the color of our irises. Yep, your eye color can change depending not only on the lighting or your mood! We put together some interesting facts about how and why a person can change the color of their eyes.

Melanin and aging 0:53
An injury 2:23
Your mood 3:22
Raw food diet and detoxing 4:25
Make-up and clothing 6:14
Laser lightening of the eye color 7:18
Colored contact lenses 8:09

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– The eye color of babies from 3 to 18 months old can become darker if the number of melanocytes in their irises increases. Depending on how much more melanin develops, a blue-eyed baby can end up with green, hazel, or brown eyes.
– According to Dr. Ivan Schwab, a clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, head or eye trauma can result in a condition called heterochromia, which is when a person’s eyes have two different colors.
– The pigments in your iris compress or spread apart, making them darker or lighter, when the size of your pupil changes. Your pupils, in turn, can get bigger or smaller depending on your emotional state.
– There’s a theory in alternative medicine that the color of the irises and the health of the internal organs are connected. It’s called iridology. However, there isn’t a lot of scientific proof backing it up, so it still needs further research.
– When it comes to bringing out certain pigments in your eyes, makeup and clothing can truly work miracles.
– Innovative eye color correcting laser surgery doesn’t come with so much risk. The procedure involves using a laser to destroy melanin cells in the irises, making them appear lighter.
– Of course, the quickest way to change your eye color is to pop in some colored or decorative lenses! But which one is right for you?

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  1. I have dark brown eyes, but I want hazel eyes ….

    Dark brown eyes people : I want blue eyes.

    Blue eyed people : I want dark brown eyes.

    Blind people : I just want to see.

  2. I Had Black eyes some people were when I was a baby and little kid some people were kind of scared because in the dark my eyes would shine, but I thought it was cool and then got lighter and lighter over time now you can call them hazel and I also have really big eyes lol I still do.