8 Secrets Airport Staff Don't Want You to Know

8 Secrets Airport Staff Don't Want You to Know

Only the people working at airports know how things really go down there, and they have many secrets they don’t want you to know. Did you know, for example, that most airports have specific experts called profilers? Their job is to notice the non-verbal signs of anxiety, such as people licking their lips, itching, or looking around a lot.

Also, in a lot of big airports, there are special cameras that can detect a certain level of aggression. These cameras transmit the information to a computer and, in cases of dangerous levels of aggression, the suspect will be stopped by airport security for a detailed inspection. Interested? Then check out these surprising truthful facts from the airport world every traveler will like to know.

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They’re specially trained to analyze “off” behavior 0:34
They know how aggressive you are 1:41
They have no idea what happens to your luggage once it leaves the airport 2:25
They have dogs that check your bags 3:36
Your food is cooked around the clock 4:32
The airport controls the planes more than you’d think 5:20
They most certainly will check the validity of your visa, no excuses 6:00
They know what’s been in your hands 6:37

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– Profilers work in both the main halls and in passport control. The typical question they ask is, “What’s the purpose of your visit?” They then check the person’s reaction to this enquiry. No matter how reserved a passenger is, if they have something to hide, TSA officers will find out thanks to the tiniest cues in people’s behavior.
– Experts can detect an individual’s specific reactions by checking their heart rate, respiration, and body temperature. Perhaps one day we’ll all go through security checks without even realizing it!
– Airport staff don’t know once it leaves their territory, and they probably don’t really care, sorry. Baggage is sorted automatically: scanners scan the barcode and sort the baggage according to its destination. So if your luggage doesn’t move fast enough, it can be late for your connecting flight. Or, the exact opposite, your bag gets to your destination before you do because you’re stuck at passport control.
– Before your luggage even gets on the plane, it goes through five security levels, and one of them (besides scanning the contents) includes being checked by a special dog that can sniff out dangerous chemicals.
– Unlike police dogs, the ones working at airports aren’t trained to frighten or intimidate people. The most popular sniffer breeds are Golden Retrievers, Labs, and German Shorthaired Pointers.
– Most airports are equipped with giant kitchens where the food for passengers is prepared. These kitchens usually cook food for different airlines at once. And since that oh-so delightful airplane food must be cooked about 6-10 hours in advance, these kitchens have to work 24/7!
– Dispatchers not only control the planes in the sky (like you usually see in movies), they also control their movement on the ground as well as the lighting on the runways. That’s why there are 3 types of air traffic controllers: en-route, terminal, and tower.
– If the airport staff finds out that your visa has expired or you just don’t have one when you enter their country, you’ll be deported by the same airline that brought you there. Not to mention, they have to foot the bill for the ticket as well, which means you can return home for free!
– Airport staff sometimes ask passengers to rub their hands on a piece of cloth before putting it into a special machine. It might seem kind of scary, but it’s actually harmless. You’re simply being checked by a machine called an atomizer.

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  1. You wouldn’t be at passport control while your luggage went before you. They would take the luggage off like they do when someone doesn’t turn up to the gate in time.

  2. Number one because in all my years of travel, I never got issued a “complementary” towel at an airport, not that my mother would let them give me one, except inside an SIA aircraft.