A Japanese Method to Lose Weight Using Only a Towel

A Japanese Method to Lose Weight Using Only a Towel

How to get a smaller waist? The sedentary lifestyle might cause many problems with your spine and weight gain. A Japanese doctor named Toshiki Fukutsuji developed a unique method to get the body in shape about ten years ago. All you need is a bath towel. This simple technique will help you get rid of belly fat and improve your posture within 30 days.

The method takes five minutes a day, and you need no equipment. If you apply this method correctly, your spine will become straight, and your body will get in shape very soon. Also, your internal organs will be placed in the most favorable positions for them.

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What you should do 1:05
What makes the exercise effective 2:11

– Take a towel and tightly roll it to make it 15 inches (40cm) in length and 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) thick.
– Sit down on a flat hard surface. A soft bed or sofa won’t work – it’s better to use a fitness mat on the floor. Put the rolled towel behind you.
– Gently lie down on your back holding the towel so that it is across your body directly under your waist. Exactly under your navel!
– Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and bring the feet together making them look in-toed. Your big toes should be pointed toward one another. Your heels should be 8 to 10 inches apart (20-25 cm).
– Straighten your arms by the head, turn them palms down, and connect your pinkies.
– Now all you need to do is hold this position for 5 minutes.
– After that, stand up gently not to hurt yourself as your bones and joints slightly move during the exercise.
– Your hands, legs, and the towel should be in the correct positions.
– It’s difficult to hold this position for 5 minutes in the beginning, so you can perform the exercise for 2 to 3 minutes. You will notice the results in a month!
– This technique is a great alternative to posture correction practices. Also, you will significantly shrink your waist and get the perfect belly.

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  1. So here I am with results to help everyone out.I started to this exercise after I got knee injury.. On 24 Sept I weighed 62.1kg and today that is 29 Sept I weigh 61.00kg..I am just eating 900 to 1100 calories per day. So it works.. I will measure my waist after one month that is 24 Oct.
    I am doing it twice or thrice a day..10 to 12 minutes of each session

    Through cardio and walking and eating clean,so far I have reduced 10.7kg as I started with 71.77kg on 14 July 2020..Now this exerciseis helping..Folks give it a try

  2. I have a very hard time holding my arms flat then turning my palm down touching my pinkies together, my elbows lift up, painful holding down the position required,, does this happen to anyone else or is this something over time you will be able to do, for me that's the hardest part of performing the exercise. Any ideas or suggestions?

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