A Legendary Man Survived in a Whale's Stomach

A Legendary Man Survived in a Whale's Stomach

Picture this: You’re an apprentice seaman on a whaler, and you’re taking your first ever voyage. Just as you’re sailing deeper into the ocean, your ship is attacked by a sperm whale, and it swallows you whole. Yikes! But after two days in its belly, you’re finally rescued, and found alive!

So, it was the middle of February in 1891; James Bartley was just 21 years old and was ready to start his training as a seaman on a whaler. While onboard his first whaling ship in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, they spotted a huge Sperm whale. It was about 0.5 a mile away from the ship, and they were getting closer. The closer they got to the beast, the larger it became…

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Unpredictable race 0:47
Dangerous waters 2:12
Where’s James Bartley?! 3:30
His unbelievable experience 6:00
So was this true? 7:36

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– The whale started to sense the danger approaching. An unpredictable race started between the immersed sperm whale and “The star of the East”.
– The whale started thrashing its giant tail on the water, causing massive waves that crashed around the boats.
– Bartley and his team realized that they were in dangerous waters and had to get out of there.
– Suddenly, they felt a splintering crash underneath the hull, which sent their boat spinning into the air. The whale broke the wooden longboat into a million pieces, and the five men landed in the water.
– Another longboat rushed to their rescue and picked up all the men in the water. Except for one apprentice – James Bartley.
– Many hours had passed since that incident in the morning. And, right before sunset, the whale was still floating on the surface of the water. It was clear now that it was no longer alive.
– That afternoon, as someone was investigating the bloated whale they captured the night before, he noticed something moving in its stomach.
– Everyone thought that a huge fish was inside, and the doctor decided to perform an incision.
– Right then and there, to everyone’s surprise, the missing sailor – James Bartley, slid out. Everyone cheered. He was alive.
– He couldn’t speak, and he was taken into a confined cabin onboard the ship. He wasn’t allowed to leave the room.
– He recalled how he was able to breathe, but after some time he blacked out. The young sailor couldn’t remember anything after that.
– The crew members of the ship started sharing his story by word of mouth, and it began gaining momentum.
– In 1896, the first article was published in the New York World, telling a small portion of the story.
– Years later, a historian picked up the story and began an investigation. His name was Edward Davis. He read the stories that were published and noticed a lot of factual inconsistencies.
– He found that James Bartley’s name wasn’t even on the crew member list.
– And there was another flaw in the story: It would be scientifically impossible for a human being to survive inside a whale’s stomach, even if they’re swallowed whole.

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  1. When we were fishing, my dad’s fishing hook hooked onto a whale, and we had to cut the line, because the whale almost pulled the whole fishing rod in.

  2. That's Prophet Unus who survived in a whale's stomach (he is also known as Jonah by Christan people)
    He was also a prophet of Allah sent to preach Islam in Niveah, he tried to tell everyone about Allah but none belived him. He was angry and left, he was on a boat and the boat was overloaded, people threw their luggage but it didn't worked. So they did a draw and whoever name comes will be thrown, they did it thrice and all the time prophet Unus's name came so he was thrown. A whale at him and he survived in it for a few days, the whale left him on an island and a tree grew out of nowhere to keep him safe and he was fed on goat's milk. He went back to Niveah and everyone belived him this time.
    Edit: I don't really know about the story which bright side is telling but I am sure about mine that it's real. It's written in the Holy Quran

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