Aggressive bear charges spectators in Finland

Aggressive bear charges spectators in Finland

When a dog and wild bear emerge from the woods it’s hard to tell if the bear is acting aggressively. However, after chasing the dog away this bear lunges after a few spectators, causing them some slight panic. Luckily the bear returns back to the woods, leaving us with some pretty intense footage.

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  1. I swear that per global summit finance I will be getting that pair of G20's I own and these bears will be hearing my rendition of the 'guerita' de mi corazon.If I keep seeing or hearing of shit like this. And the faith in humanity will be restored by half at least with this raging judge…

  2. This not an aggressive bear!! These people are too close.. Way too close & the bear seems to be doing what comes natural when being chased by a dog. Should read.. Dumb ass foreigners to close!

  3. what a bunch of f;;;;n idiots. And whoever owns the dog should be ashamed. He obviously doesn't love his dog, because if he did he would never put it in harms way like that. The bear could have easily destroyed that dog in very short order and probably was about to. Get a life people.

  4. When i see people stopping and getting out of their cars to watch a bear Darwin comes to mind. Here is a news flash bears kill people. And one way alot of bear attacks happen is when people let their dogs near them. The dog runs up to bear gets scared runs back to owner with bear right behind it. So many bears are killed for no reason other then humans being dumb asses and interact with the bears.

  5. You guys are idiots for having your dog chase the bear!! Of course he is going to do something like charge you even though it was just pissed at your dog!! I bet if the bear would have killed your dog you would have called the wardens to shoot the bear!! You guys are sick!!!

  6. change title……bear is clearly not aggressive….seems to be playing with the dog……the men taking the pictures seemed more aggressive than anyone els in this

  7. It was a set up. People said they saw and heard the men with the dog and the bear in a cafe several hours before the filming planning the whole thing. I believe the bear and the dog got paid for this.

  8. A typical example of how you have to Well leash your dog when you're in a bear country…….it's one of the recommendations that are always given

    a dog, starting barking towards a bear, makes it nervous and getting a reaction……then the dog goes back to the owner, who will eventually involved

    You lucky here that was a young bear…..about 1 year I guess