Dachshund meticulously prepares pillow for bedtime

Dachshund meticulously prepares pillow for bedtime

Pepper the dachshund is a perfectionist, even when it comes to sleeping. Watch his hilarious routine as he turns a pillow into a fluffy, comfy bed.

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  1. Dachshunds, the cats of the dog world. Mine (raised with cats in the house) even folded her front paws like a cat when sitting. And speaking of animals with a mind of their own, someone please shoot the piano player!

  2. Just like my tiny whom I miss so terribly much my baby was killed last year on Valentine's day by some car I also lost my mind griefing over him he was one of a kind I never had to teach him to where to go to do his #1 & # 2 I just showed him once & he was just weeks old so to me that's amazing!!! Tiny did the same with his pillow I burried him on his pillow he also like to When I layed on the floor come & stick his head between my legs to sleep or sleep by my legs he'd also like to jump on my back while I played video game's I have a Yorkshire terrier/ & schnauzer their called snorkie 's on the internet I love her has much has I loved tiny he's my baby boy & she's my baby girl we got her a year ago she was scared of me my mom put her hand up to the cage & she pawed mom's hand & mom said I want that dog so we got her mom passed away a month & 2 days ago & now it's just me & my little baby girl so I'm going through everything of hers & it's hard getting rid of your mother's thing's thank God I have Ebbie.

  3. How can a human allow a dirty pissing pooing, licking its butt, eating its own poo, animal on their pillows. They ought to be disgusted with them selves, they'te dirtier than the dog itself.

  4. My doxie is like this. Every night she makes her bed and it's an impressive sight! By the time she is done she has her head on a pillow and is inside the blanket like a sleeping bag and she does this all herself. I just look at her and think how comfortable she looks lol I think she thinks she's a human? haha

  5. i had a doxie that would do this with a blanket, he knew it was warmer when the blanket was crumpled or folded, and nose it together. theyre so smart! RIP ein. I wish i had been a better parent.

  6. The breed is by nature a tunnel rat.☺ My first senior rescue loved an old sleeping bag I got from the thrift store, it was her very own "bungalow", she'd flip up a corner and tuck herself in it at the foot of my bed. Gone from me now, she rests in my backyard in a special plot I made for her and two other special needs senior boy Doxies- I'm still grieving the latest one gone, but when I can stand the loss again, I'll get another that needs me as much as I need it.