What Your Pet's Color Says About Their Personality

What Your Pet's Color Says About Their Personality

What color is your pet? Your beloved pet’s personality is shaped by many things: their breed, upbringing, and even the color of their coat! That’s right! Studies confirm that every fur color has its own specific feel to it!

According to a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, the different colors that English Cocker Spaniels come in can actually reflect their behavior and personality. Another study from the University of Sydney discovered that, on average, chocolate Labrador Retrievers don’t live as long as the golden and black ones do. Scientists believe it may be recessive genes to blame. So fur color really does make a difference in both health and personality! But what about your fur baby? What does the color of their coat say about them? Let’s find out!

Black 1:41
Brown 3:00
Grey 3:44
White 4:34
Orange 5:34
Bi-colored 6:30
Tri-colored 8:22

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– Don’t think that you can befriend a black cat right away. They’ll observe you from afar and then decide whether or not you’re worthy of their time. They may come off as unpredictable and stubborn, but they’re also very sensitive and shy. These black-clad introverts usually prefer a calm indoor lifestyle.
– If you have a beautiful brown cat, it’s probably very intelligent, friendly, and playful. Brown cats are not the type to be super goofy. Brown dogs are reserved and quiet. They’re really calm and need some time to adjust to new people and places.
– Grey cats like to have fun and can be quite mischievous at times. Grey dogs, in their turn, are quite curious and brave. If there’s something strange going on, they’ll definitely investigate it. They love to explore the environment around them and learn new things.
– White cats are at a higher risk for congenital deafness and are prone to all types of vision problems and skin disorders. They’re gentle, loving, and affectionate, and they often follow their owners around the house.
– Dogs with a white coat are really playful, sweet, and just fun to be around. No matter how tired or sad you are, a white dog can always lift your mood thanks to their unbelievable love for life.
– If there was an award for the goofiest and funniest pets, dogs and cats with orange-colored fur would win every single time! Apart from the obvious fact that ginger cats are simply adorable, they’re also very friendly and awkwardly cute.
– Black and white cats are very resourceful, affectionate, and clever. A lot of these cats make friends easily but not for long.
– Seal Point cats, like Siamese kitties, for instance, are honest, assertive, and vocal. They often choose the “leader of the pack” in the family and express their love to them in particular.
– Black and white pooches are usually really graceful and brainy. They’re not the ones to cluelessly run from room to room and bark without reason.
– Red-brown or cream-orange and white dogs are all about being active and showing their love every chance they get. These types also tend to be a little clumsy.
– Calico cats are often perceived as unique and different, and it’s true in many ways. These kitties are loving and lively, yet determined and independent. Their personality is never stable or predictable; they often change and are generally full of surprises.

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  1. 5 is bs there is a super tiny chance that a female cat becomes orange its because the color is on the males Y chromosome there is a mutation where a female cat has XXY but they are not fertile and can have the orange color besides fur color has nothing to do with personality

  2. I have a white cat, which is gone now… My cat never came back after my Grandma threw her 7 kittens!! I really miss her… When I was sitting on the floor with a space between my legs, She would lie down there and fall asleep. She lies down with me when I sleep with my sibling. My Cat is a stray cat, But she is really Nice and harmless.

  3. mon chatte Édith Piaf est noire et elle est gentille mais elle choisit ses copains sagesses. mon autre chat Éli Manning est gris et blanc et bi voleur tabby et il est mischevieux et amusant et sympa. Éli Manning prend dedans toutes les choses