Why Planes Don't Fly Over Himalayas

Why Planes Don't Fly Over Himalayas

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the tallest mountain on the planet from an airplane window? Just imagine yourself nestled in your seat, sipping on a coffee and admiring that snow covered mountain peak! The only problem is that planes don’t fly over Mount Everest, or the Himalayan range, for that matter. But why?

Let’s imagine a scheduled commercial flight that decides to fly over the Himalayas. At first, the flight is going smoothly: the plane reaches its usual cruising altitude of 35,000 feet and is traveling at a speed of about 550 miles per hour. Soon, the pilots see a range of tall mountains straight ahead, with one peak standing out among the rest. It’s the world-famous Everest – the highest mountain above sea level on the whole planet! The pilots realize they shouldn’t have been so careless! Because that’s when everything goes awry!

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The inability to lower the plane in the case of rapid decompression 1:20
No room for error 2:49
On emergency, where to land the aircraft? 3:08
Turbulence above the mountains 3:26
The most dangerous airports in the world 😱
– Between high mountains 4:24
– Lightning-fast 45-degree bank turn during the descent 4:53
– There are only 8 pilots in the world who can land here 5:18
– Right on the shore of the ocean 5:41
– When the runway is constantly covered with ice 6:24
– When the main street intersects the runway 7:10
– When a public beach is located right before the runway 7:48

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– There isn’t as much oxygen in your mask as you might think. It usually lasts for no more than 15 to 20 minutes. The pilots must make the plane drop down to 10,000 feet, where the passengers will be able to breathe without using oxygen masks. But… the plane is still flying over the Himalayas, and there’s no way it could drop so low!
– One of the reasons planes have such an impressive cruising altitude is that it lets pilots have some “room for error.” It means that if something goes wrong, the captain can glide the aircraft while trying to fix the problem.
– Kathmandu can deal with a jet, but this airport has only one runway and doesn’t have an instrumental landing system.
– Winds moving over mountain ranges at high speeds create so-called “mountain waves” which can turn any ride into a rough one.
– The turbulence there is so bad that it’s almost impossible for commercial airplanes to fly over that region.
– The Lukla Airport in Nepal is one of the world’s trickiest. Pilots find it extremely difficult to land there because the airport is nestled between high mountains.
– In Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, planes must make a lightning-fast 45-degree bank turn during the descent. –
– There are only 8 pilots in the world who are qualified to land at Paro Airport in Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains.
– Landing at the airport on the Portuguese island, Madeira, remains one of the most treacherous feats in aviation, even after its runway was renovated. The thing is that the landing strip of this airport is located right on the shore of the ocean, between steep cliffs.
– The runway of Narsarsuaq Airport, in Greenland, is constantly covered with ice.
– There is one feature that sets Gibraltar International Airport apart and makes it totally unique: the main street of that area, Winston Churchill Avenue, intersects the runway!
– If you ever go to St. Maarten Island in the Caribbean, you’re likely to be completely smitten with its Princess Juliana Airport. It’s one of the most famous airports in the world, thanks to a public beach located right before the runway!

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  1. There's no such thing as "kph". Stop using imperial/US customary unit logic with metric units; the symbol for kilometres per hour is "km/h". Also, the symbol for metres is "m", not "M".

  2. I am going to brag: As a serviceman in the Army Air Corps, my father flew cargo and troops between India and China over the Himalayas during WW II in a C130.
    It was one of the most dangerous and crucial in the war.
    Dad would have turned 100 this year.
    RIP Daddy!!!

  3. lol to high in case of an emergency descent the GRID MORA are extremely high ., and probably no enough oxygen inside airplane to maintain high level ., basic flying rules

  4. Actually planes do fly over it, there’s actually a company out there that does air tour. Ps airlines have max ceiling altitude of 50,000ft, why go 35,000 over the mountains. I’d probably go 47,000ft. Oh and the higher they fly the less fuel they burn because winds are pretty strong up there / engine doesn’t need to work as much.

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