10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World

10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World

Here are the 10 most bizarre and strange school policies around the world.

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10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World


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  1. I absolutely HATE numbers 4&3! There are 2 genders and Christmas should be a right, just like Kwanza and Chanaka! (I just know I spelled that won't) Get used to it, freaks!

  2. Ok, not touching, and not having best friends is just draconian. How could they be so cruel as to try to control the kids' emotions? They are awful!

  3. I remember being pissed because the teacher took away my yu gi oh cards at recess

    bitch I had 2 holographic blue eyes white dragons.

  4. All good intentions. However, ultimately, parents are example for their children. Bad parenting are toxic to their own kids AND those around them.

  5. My teacher is a dick we all was in the movie theater and I bought a chips and then he sad to every body that I stole it and Tok my money it’s real to day 4.mars 2019 school: evje skole Norway . Please help us end show this dick teacher

  6. Please re-title this to "10 Ways Leftists are ruining the minds of our children".
    30 years ago the thought "right wing people are free thinking people" was a preposterous statement. Leftwing needs to be re-labeled as "Forced social conformity".
    In far to many ways, it is so sad what our western society has become.

  7. Funny story so when I was in high school they had that bathroom rule too. Luckily for me I somehow didnt give a shit, sometimes I never asked, id just raise my hand and tell the teacher I was going to take a piss and left. After all the detentions they gave me which I never showed up to, they finally realized I really didnt give a shit so they made me an exception to their rule

  8. This channel has so many clickbait videos that I don't wanna watch through the video to find the thumbnail. Can someone please comment the time the video shows the thumbnail?

  9. Best friends not allowed in the UK is dumb come to the USA without the British idiots ruining your childhood by not allowed to have any best friends.
    In America you have best friends
    In British countries best friends are banned.
    Come on UK schools get your heads out of your queens ass and look what you are doing to those kids.

  10. The schools now have the dumbest rules. Stop worrying about being politically correct, and, if people such as certain religious groups don't like it, then they should back to their own damn country!!!!! Also, if kids act up in school, the parents need to stop coddling their brats and tell the schools that if they have to be sent to the principal's office or made to stay after school, to let them know. Giving awards just so that some kids won't feel left out for not doing well in sports is not a good way for them to learn that life isn't fair, in fact, that is the worst thing to do!!!!!!

  11. Sorry to brag but my school is awesome they have food trucks come to the school and music radio depending on how special the day is like cultural day or hawk fest my schools mascot is a hawk they also have vending machines and a snack shack I have a I D cars it has money in a school account and can buy lunch or snacks with it and well teachers some are bad and some are good and for the bell the school plays music when music stops you get 30 sec to get to class and it plays Christmas music around Christmas time and plays other songs for holidays and it’s fun some teachers let you play music on your phone and the school loves showing school spirit!