14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

Here are some interesting psychological facts about dreams. People often wonder about things such as: Why do we dream? What do dreams mean? How does dreaming work? What is dreaming? Well, these are just some of the questions this video explores! Psychology and neuroscience have discovered a lot about dreaming through sleep studies conducted in the REM sleep stage, and they were able to provide some truly fascinating answers to these questions.

In this video, we talk about the brain’s electrical activity during sleep, subconscious messages in a dream, negative emotions, as well as some common dreams and their meanings. We brush upon premonition dreams, dreaming in black and white, lucid dreaming, and a lot more!

Get ready to discover some the most interesting facts about dream psychology!


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  1. I keep dreaming about an ex. It's the same type of dream every time. I remember most of the dream everytime. This never occurs when I have other dreams.

  2. I’ve tried the note book to remember dreams. However, when awaking properly in the morning & read the notes I couldn’t recall anything. I do dream about cats often. Leopards I know mean big changes- a move to new residence, a new country even a new man. Heheh

  3. Yeah not sure about some of these facts,, exactly as some have said dejavu,, so mmmm,, no not really and I've read the news papers and books have had conversations with myself in mirrors in my dreams,,

  4. Baloney. I just dreamed the other day I woke up and read the clock and was late for work. Then as I was getting ready I was reading cards as I put them in my wallet and wondered why I was wasting time when I was already late which woke me up. So you can read and tell time.

  5. I keep having dream about someone in my past…. I don't even think about this individual…. at all…. id rather not dream about this person… and it makes me mad when I do….

  6. For several years I wrote down my dreams. I was in my 20's at the time, now 72. I still have the writings, read them the other day and there seems to be a lot of references to war and fighting. Like I said, I was in my 20's

  7. Brainy dose : you can't see yourself in a mirror.
    Me : i use to dream myself look at to the mirror and i can see my face clearly.

    It was only me?

    is it normal or not?

  8. All the dreams that I can recall have been either scary, emotional, crazy or a mixture of all. Actually sucks. They usually end in me waking up because it got to intense then I miss out on the sleep.

  9. my dreams break so many of the 'rules' in this vid. I've read literature and done complex math in my dreams (and gotten it right if I think about the algorithms or math problems again when I awake). And ever since I was little I dream about being in the shoes of other people in other scenarios or even other eras that I never had knowledge of at the time. I wasn't allowed tv as a kid so my ideas didn't come subconsciously from that. The dreams often take me to very dark times in history I never even knew existed at the age of 5.. or I see horrible acts done to people or animals that I never even KNEW about as a little girl. I'd dream of war, abuse, death or sometimes love and intimacy but through the eyes of OTHER people. I don't feel better about my brain after watching what apparently normal people dream of lol. What's more, I recall MANY of these dark dream journeys even from when I was a toddler because they were so shocking.

  10. I had this dream back in 2011 where I was in my house in Australia. I remember opening the back door and what I saw was a sea of water and then massive tidal wave outside where my backyard was. Several months later the northern part of the country had bad floods. 33 people died and 3 still missing. It was the worst natural disaster in the states history. They called it an "Inland tsunami"
    It still gives me goosebumps to this day.

  11. This video sucks. It's just guesswork. Honestly, how many people actually remember details so clear as to a strangers faces, I never shop in my dreams and didn't grow up w/black and white tv… these "facts" are just guesses.