From an "Upper Caste" Hindu to Islam – Siddharth

From an "Upper Caste" Hindu to Islam - Siddharth

This is the story of Siddharth, an Indian man belonging to the upper-caste society of New Delhi and once a Hindu devotee.

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  1. My friend had a similar situation and he reverted to Islam this year in jan ❤️ he’s been practising Islam , offering Salah and fasting this Ramadan Masha Allah. Reverted Muslims are way better than us and they need our support and love. They feel lonely in their houses with their families and have to hide everything from them. I request all of us to help these people and make them feel a part of us and marry these young reverted men and women into our community Muslims so that they get a Muslim family and background

  2. Hum nehru Jinnah ko gali dete hai ye kum hai unsey kal bhi liberals they aaj bhi hai hindu pey koi atyachar hota to koi khabar nhi leta lekin rohingya ya indian musalman pey hota to hindu ke saath saath pura world jag jata hai

  3. Many people are entering into islam religion which showing that it's a true religion to follow ma sha Allah. Islam gives us hope and righteousness path.This provide us inner satisfaction which is not in other religions.

  4. People in comment section need to chill down ….these religious conversion are a two way street ..I was a muslim from Himachal Pradesh and recently converted to shavite by a shankracharya people should settle where they find peace and respect decision of others…

  5. Being a revert, it might be tough for him to embrace his new identity openly, but at least Allah has enlightened his heart. He'll find the strength soon, Inshallah.. I am a born Muslim and Inshallah I shall never hide my identity in this country, no matter how tough it gets. Also to add, some people make it tough, but there are many good people in the country too who respect every religion.. ❤

  6. I am a Hindu … I read comments here…. Most of the comments are like "Islam is the only true religion" , "Other religions are false" , finding faults in other religion…. Y'all don't understand co-existence…. On one hand u guys say hindu, muslim, sikh, isaai sabhi bhai bhai and on other hand u look down on other religions…why??? U think our religion is false, we think ur religion is false…. Will this work this way???? Why not see every religion as equal and learn to co-exist with our respective religions…. Because if u will think ur religion is superior, then no wonder people will hate… Cuz no religion is superior than other….

  7. Hi I want to create a WhatsApp support group for all reverts so they all can be having a common forum . Anybody interested pls inbox me with you mobile number with country code.

  8. We were buddhists then hinduism
    And finally our grand grand parents discovered peace in Islam ..
    We are proud that our grand grand parents were correct in choosing islam

  9. Ohhh.

    Here i have seen revert case.

    2 of my known person have converted islam to Hindu.
    And 1 one women also. And they are hiding there identity.
    But they are proud hindus now and enjoying free and open culture. Best part is women is so happy and feeling free now and getting married to hindu boy.