George Floyd's family speaks after Minneapolis approves $27 million settlement

George Floyd's family speaks after Minneapolis approves $27 million settlement

George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd spoke Friday after the city of Minneapolis announced it had approved a $27 million settlement over his May 2020 death in police custody. Watch his remarks.

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  1. This is right up there with someone robbing an apartment and gets shot by the homeowner, then sue the homeowner. So tired of blacks that are victims because they are black. Give it a Fing break already, the communist media has you so brainwashed and radical you can't even think straight.

  2. This family deserves no money has George Floyd died out of his own stupidity by taking hardcore drugs he didn't die from the police he died from his own stupid actions and as a result those drugs killed him

  3. I'm sure Floyd would have made at least 27 million for the rest of his life LOL we need to reimburse the family of the man that would have made many more drug addicts. What a country we once were, seems to be the only issue we have was not slavery, it was ending it.

  4. I figured I couldn’t be the only one thinking the same thing. I looked in the comments…… I was correct. Nobody would exchange a POS for $27 million

  5. What do we need Court's for? we have MSNBC, not like we really need to be protected against thieves and criminals. MSNBC would tell you what an angel this guy was. This world would be a better place without these cops, what do we need laws for we got Democrats.

  6. i just read his brother said its the first step in police reform ok lets ask his family to donate ALL that 27 million to the POLICE FUND so they can be trained how to be VERY GENTLE and CAREING {lol} with drugged out THUGS just guessing but i bet they say NO ok there are some bad cops but 95 percent are good they should be paid 50 dollers an hour for what they do they protect us from very bad people every time they go to work they know they might never make it back home to there family and they go to work anyway to protect us and how do we reward them ? when the police is killed in the line of duty where is the out cry? how much does there family get? so please if you see a police man or woman tell them thank them and shake they hand becouse all lives matter thank you and god bless you all

  7. In the middle east, when some is trying to give a good example they always use the term “ in America and the developing counties..”
    However, i didnt know that “in America” they pay criminal’s family $27M, the good part is that u guys now know where ur taxes going to!!

  8. ʝմʂէ ą ժҽąժ, ƒąէ Ӏìքքҽժ ƒմçҟìղց քօɾçհ ʍօղҟҽվ ղìցցҽɾ, į'ʍ էìɾҽժ օƒ
    հҽąɾìղց ąҍօմէ էհìʂ ƒմçҟìղց ʂէìղҟìղց ʍօղҟҽվ ąӀɾҽąժվ, Ӏҽէ'ʂ ʍօѵҽ օղ
    քҽօքӀҽ. ì ʂմքքօɾէ էհҽ քօӀìçҽ ąղժ հօքҽ էհąէ ժմժҽ ʍąղ աąӀҟʂ, ʂօ էհҽ
    ʂքօօҟʂ աìӀӀ ҍմɾղ ժօաղ էհҽìɾ çìէìҽʂ ąցąìղ!! ӀօӀ!

  9. Shame on the city of Minneapolis.
    People elected to a position that had anything to do with releasing the news of this civil suit should lose their jobs. This was an obvious attempt to destroy the right of a human being a fair and impartial trial. Everytime an opportunity arises for them to demonstrate honorable character they fail. They try to give these meaningless speeches in a MLK style that is so transparent to thinking people. Rage begets rage. Had they been respectful to a constitutional process their city might have been able to heal. It makes one wonder if they even want to heal after inciting these riots to begin with. The exposure has created more leniency toward the defense and the emotional rage is dissipating as well with the knowledge Mr. Floyd always threw fits when arrested and said I can't breath and cried for his mom. This city is bringing on more crisis that is going to be without sympathy and support for a questionable movement in my opinion.

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