How much money do you need for a comfortable life in Serbia and Germany? Recently, I moved to Belgrade, Serbia, after living for almost 5 years in Germany and Austria. The cost of living in Germany was always one of the biggest downsides for me. In this video, I share all my monthly expenses in Belgrade, after I list average prices and expenses you will face in Serbia and Germany. This video will be also helpful if you are just visiting Serbia as a tourist.
*If you are also a foreigner who lives in Serbia/or another country and would like to share your story on this channel in form of an interview, just leave me a message on Also, if you are from Serbia and have had experience living abroad I would love to connect!

0:00 – Intro, general information
3:00 – My expenses in Serbia
10:18 – How much money you need in Serbia
10:48 – General information about income and expenses in Serbia
12:20 – Rents in Serbia
14:52 – Food and drinks
17:00 – Entertainment
17:57 – Hostels and hotels
19:51 – Cost of living in Germany
27:18 – Conclusion

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About me:
I am Anna – an explorer, traveler, and global citizen who originated in Mother Russia.
The last 5 years I have spent in Germany, Greece, Austria, and India working, studying, or volunteering. Currently, I am pursuing my big goal – a bachelor in International Business in Austria. In 2021 I moved to Serbia, subscribe to this channel to learn more about this country.
On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Germany, Austria, and Serbia to work, study, or start a business.


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  1. Most people in Serbia works in stores and supermarkets for 250-350 euros and they mostly surviving, ok, living modest. With equivalent german 1500-2000 euros you can live as king, queen in Serbia. Engeeners, lawers, medicals and doctors earns more, from 400 to 1000 euros, but over 40% of population works for 300-350 euros per month in average.

  2. Well off people and foreigners go to live in new apartment complexes in Novi Beograd, and they're more expensive both to buy and rent, lol.
    City center is run down, congested, nowhere to park your car, graffiti everywhere …

  3. Hello Ana, you have lowered your volume, it is so soothing to the ear, just perfect!!! continue, and remember you have a microphone no need to talk loud, or yell as some do in their blogs.
    your blog will grow exponentially…:D
    Your apt. looks really cool, a bit high but you said utilities are included, it's probably ikea furnished..
    Have you given a tour, or is that verboten?
    How about a video of monthly expenses without comparing with any place else… Maybe a roomate situation, or is that not a common theme in Beograd.
    Keep up the good work! 😀

  4. Ana,

    Thank you so much for your work. I am currently travelling in the Balkans to see whether I should settle in one of those countries or not… and the answer is a big "YES". I am seriously considering Belgrade for my new home (as well as Zagreb, Split, Kotor, Budva, Pogdorica and Rijeka). The only bad point is that it is not on seaside. But apart from that, it looks like I would feel great in the Serbian capital city.

    Hvala, spassiba (no cyrillic alphabet on my computer, sorry), merci !

  5. I dunno where you get your information but its not correct. Please if you are already making YouTube videos and trying to help others by providing information, make sure you provide the correct information. So the average salary in Belgrade is 112.684 dinars (Gross) which translates to 959 euros. Now its up to you if you want to open your own company and by paying the minimal tax of 10%, or if you want to be employed by someone and get 701 euros (Net), which if of course less money then opening your own company, but it is what it is.

    Second thing is the Average salary of the country. The average salary of Republic of Serbia is 90.849 dinars (Gross) which translates to 773 euros, and 565 euros (Net). The number you mention is actually referred to the people who are making the bare minimum. Those are the people who have no skills nor any university degree, thus they are making the minimal wage, its gonna take you time but you will see the number of these kind of people is small but at the same time they are loudest. The statistical number of people receiving the salary you mentioned is 350.000 out of 7.000.000, let that number sink in really well.

    And 3rd thing I couldn't help but noticed that most of the statistics you were mentioning sound as if they are taking of some politically oriented website like "numbeo". I sincerely hope that you are not basing you educational videos, or informational videos (trying to help others) by using politically oriented platforms and that you always double check the background of the portals and the people that post different kind of informations. As it comes with the job title of being an entrepreneur & a blogger. 🙂

    All the information can be found here:

    Overall great vlog, wish you tons of success on your future videos & добро пожаловать в эту красивую, но скромную страну. 😉

  6. The cost of living and quality of live in Belgrade is so much better if I want to retire much earlier than compared to staying in the US. Living near a large group of my Serbian friends is another bonus. Your videos, Belgrade Beat, Nomad Capitalist and so on. I follow all of them.

  7. Hey Anna,
    If you're a student, you might get access to students' cafeteria which is pretty decent and super cheap. A lunch in students' cafeteria is about 60 dinars and you get a full meal – a main course, soup, a salad and a dessert all included in that price. And believe me – the food is quite good, it's not quite restaurant quality but it's close. You have one students' cafeteria which is 7-8 minutes away on foot from hotel Moscow. Tbh you can get access to those cafeterias (they are all over Belgrade) even if you aren't a student… but I would have to explain that variant to you privately.
    It's a great way to save up money if you can eat at those places, even if you eat there only occasionally.