Putin Gets Vaccinated, Biden’s $3 Trillion Economic Plan | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Putin Gets Vaccinated, Biden’s $3 Trillion Economic Plan | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy addresses President Biden’s new $3 trillion proposal for jobs, education and infrastructure.

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Putin Gets Vaccinated, Biden’s $3 Trillion Economic Plan | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon



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  1. Let's start with the fact that 3 vaccines have been created in Russia! And of course, Putin's decision not to advertise the vaccine he made has the goal of not creating competition for others! After all, most people will want to be vaccinated with this vaccine, and the production of vaccines is limited in scale. Everything is logical and correct.
    God, is Putin with a naked torso still funny ?! Seriously?! 15 years already! I'll tell you a secret, in Russia, when people get out in the summer to relax in nature, be it fishing, hunting, swimming in rivers and lakes – all men undress to their shorts and swimming trunks) And Putin is no exception.

    Russians were much funnier when Obama was vacationing in the Bahamas, swimming and sunbathing in a T-shirt with a long arm)))
    Either we are really different, or stupid jokes are used in attempts to curry favor, there is no other explanation!

  2. We only need to look at America First, the compliant complicit political partisan hacks aligned with submissive obligated culpable Conservative Alt Right GOP Republicans coordinating liable favourable propaganda fake news media networks to promote generate support and cultivate the rise of populism, Autocratic Trumpism along with facism, the lies, conspiracies and disinformation campaigns used to deliberately corrupt mislead radacalise recruit and mobalise normal people into very dangerous people who attack Governments. We need to sensibly figure out the colossal problem we face not only as a single Nation but the World, all over as a whole. Groups like Qanon are not a small fringe party of crazy nutcase lunatics operating in some hidden dark corner of the Net World Wide Web, they're absolutely MAINSTREAM cheating duping us out in public, brazenly radacalising us, openly recruiting us, wilfully without concerns for any authority to impede their deceptive efforts. Sadly for their victims, the principle nonsensical types of CONSPITORIAL propaganda these deviant agenda driven selfish malicious propagandists produce and tout quickly rise to become a huge financial burden carving a defensive justified system of belief in turn fundemantally crafting a way of life that causes great conflicts of interest to damage divide and ruin countless good families along the way. Left to their own devices unimpeded unexposed rampant and free to do as they please without having any significant legal opposition commited to helping/saving victims, dedicated to legally acting out to see real justice (We all saw how Trumps impeachment turned out) far from the factual impending reprehensible damage to Climate change, Social Justice, Equal rights, Environmental justice, Law and Order is the threat of losing our humanity, the decline of ethical moral codes that guide our core principle values with actual Tyrannical Autocratic Nazi Type Facism becoming a norm in societies leading to untold horrorific unimaginable atrocities we're all currently wanting to deny would ever happen. These things don't just go away, infact, they actually get worse. Politicians only care about keeping their jobs and winning elections they're never going to take on any treacherous villainous fraudulant lying cheating crooked corrupt accused vicious traitorous grifter indicted sex predator openly bigoted racist facist extremist wealthy rich elitist Don Trump type insider leading a criminal enterprise administration/foundation freely enabled by committed supportive partnered equally powerful wealthy tycoon elitists connected to great influential VIP/political dynasties eagerly backing their devious agenda, a Lyndsey Graham/Ted Cruz/Josh Hawley not even a Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene,  relying on Politicians, thats not going to fix Anything. Certainly won't fix the problem of Alt Right Wing Fox propaganda news media types networks, social media pundits Alex Jones/Roger Stone types openly lying publicly grifting to loot gullible naive citizens mostly their own mAgA radacalised supporters WTF

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