She Claimed to Be a Titanic Survivor But Nobody Believed Her

She Claimed to Be a Titanic Survivor But Nobody Believed Her

We’ve heard the miraculous accounts from survivors of Titanic, painting a vivid picture of that harrowing night. They’ve all given us their unique personal experiences – except for one. Her name was Berthe Antonine Mayne, and when she told people about her life-changing cruise on the unsinkable ship; nobody believed her.

Her story was discovered more than 50 years later when her nephew found a box in her closet with several clippings, photographs, and letters. So, why did everybody doubt her tale? Well, there’s a reasonable explanation. Oh, btw, this story isn’t about the sinking of the Titanic only but also about big love…

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Talented Bella Vielly 0:44
How she met the love of her life (oh, that’s an amazing story!) 💘 1:16
Why Baxter decided to change Mayne’s name 2:46
What happened with the couple 3:55
Why Mayne never got married 😞 5:46
Mysterious shoebox in the closet 6:56

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– Mayne was born in Brussels on the 21st of July, 1887. She became a cabaret singer in Brussels under the stage name Bella Vielly. She was very talented.
– In the winter months of 1911, she met the love of her life. His name was Quigg Baxter, and he was a professional hockey player from Montreal, Canada.
– One night, Baxter was vacationing in Brussels with his mother and sister. The moment Mayne walked on stage, and their eyes met, she knew he was the one. It was love at first sight.
– Baxter was going to return to Canada with her on the Titanic in April of 1912; and that meant that his and Mayne’s relationship would have to come to end. The thought devastated him.
– He refused to leave Europe until the love of his life went with him.
– He secretly booked another cabin for her: number C-90, which was located right below his room. In order to make sure that nobody knew about it, he changed her name to “Mrs. De Villiers”.
– On the night of the accident, Baxter was sitting in his room with his sister, when suddenly they felt the crash, and the ship stopped.
– His family hadn’t even known that she was on-board the Titanic, or that they were a couple to begin with. So, as soon as they got to the lifeboat, he re-introduced them.
– Baxter waved at his family as they were lowered to the ocean at 1:10 am. There were only 29 people on board, and things were tense among them.
– When they were taken to New York, they searched excessively for Baxter, but he was never found. His love and his family were devasted.
– Mayne moved back to Europe and continued being a cabaret singer. This time it was in Paris.
– She never got married or had any children. When she retired, she moved to a country house in the suburbs of Brussels.
– Mayne recounted how she was on-board the Titanic with a Canadian millionaire, but that story seemed way too far-fetched to be the truth.
– After she passed away, her nephew went to her house and went through a few of her things. Before long, he discovered a mysterious shoebox in the closet. Inside was all the evidence to back up her unbelievable story.

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  1. This story doesn't even make sense… If she wanted them to believe she was on the Titanic, all she had to do is to provide the photographs she had supposedly had in her possession, and that would have ended the confusion.   The fact that she left her jewelry, and wanted to go back for it, but was not allowed, was an indication that she got on the lifeboat with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, so where then did all those photo's of her come from, if they sank with the Titanic?!

  2. the companies made their money off of the immigrants. people think it was the rich.. nah, it was the poor.. like anything where big companies make their money.. and this video pointed to alaska as canada…hahahahaha

  3. fun fact she was an  a French soldier who joined the foreign legion and went off to the Belgian Congo. She sang under the stage name of Bella Vielly.
    if this was wrong blame google