Western gunboats hit the south China sea

Western gunboats hit the south China sea

The western powers are piling battleships into the South China Sea to intimidate Beijing, like the last couple of centuries didn’t happen.

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  1. No it is not complicated. It is about power and the means to rule. War is a method to terrorize whole countries and continents. Weapons are utilities to rule. Knowledge is not power. Using knowledge to rule is power, If knowledge it not used to rule then theier is not power. Wouldn't it be nice if the 'former' colonizing nations and the 'new' colonizing nations USA, Germany – NB – and Japan would divide China into severeal regions of which each then would be a colony for one of the 'motherlands'? Remember: Queen Victoria of England was also Empress of India and rember the famines due to british robbery. They stole the supplies of the people in India and thus the british oppressors had the people die. It would really be nice but not for chinese people. They would be slaves without any right but to obey their keepers. Never forget: The USA were born of terror. The Boston Tea party was an act of terror and the beginning of a war against the legal rulers at that time. Why shgould the USA ever stop makewar and terror? They are successful since the beginning. And NATO always follows the USA.

  2. Russia to the rescue with its tugboat drawn smoke belching carrier in a dramatic show of "SUPERIOR" force. Retire the damn thing already. It's an embarrassment of GLOBAL proportions.

  3. Very clearly countries around the world and South China Sea strongly stressed to western world that they want peace and no war. They welcome western investment because they have cheap and hardworking people. Please send back western forces and again we would like to point to western forces to get lost from our region. We hate trouble makers like USA ( Vietnam War, Middle East War and racism), Japan ( Genocide thousand of innocents during WII) and Germany, France and British because the experts claim their old thinking of colonialism of genocide still prevails.

  4. they are forcing china to build more weapon arms and nukes at more speeds…knowing that the western power is coming and that the war maybe broke out.and by doing this it only making china more powerful and if i were the Chinese governments will only at more weapons to the inventory..

  5. like china really cares i don’t think that Chinese is even scare lol …it know that it can’t be beat without the other size having a bog big bloody noise

  6. They forget that China under the Communist Party isn't the same China under Qing Dynasty. China hadn't modernised back then. This time, China will sink all their ships. And China won't even have to go far. It can sink the new Opium War ships using missiles (nuclear tipped or non-nuclear tipped) from home soil.

  7. China should vastly increase the size of its nuclear arsenal and let the new "Eight Nations Alliance" know the result of any new war will be the complete annihilation of their territory, ensuring not even cockroaches get to live on their soil afterwards. The good thing about this modern era is that China won't even need foreign military bases. Just use Space! Russia is already thinking along the same lines. Russia and China should permanently park orbiting nuclear-tipped satellites. If the US and its lackies choose to start a war, let fire and fury descend on their soil at hypersonic speed.

  8. The South China Sea is and has always been and should be according to international law free international waters. But the Beijing hegemonist clique has engaged in banditry in a ludicrous and dishonest attempt to declare this Chinese territory. After we get done crushing the Russians it will be China's turn next.

  9. The opioid war 2 is coming but the only thing different this time is the Chinese are not in to opioid anymore and has a army no less than the us. It will be interesting to see how is will turn out.

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